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SEO Higher Ranking has a creative team of 10+ Android developers whose only aim is to build the most engaging, reliable, fully featured Android apps in the world.Our elite team uses their specialized skills to fully support your needs. At SEO Higher Ranking we are committed to help guide you through the wondrous world of mobile applications. We will ensure you get through to your final destination…where success awaits you.

About our Android App Development team

At SEO Higher Ranking, we proudly offer our clients a wide range of endemic Android App Development services India. The Android Platform has spread rapidly across the globe in a brief period of time. The Android Platform is known for its adaptability and acceptance. We develop the Android applications with full consideration to the Technicalities and Performance across multiple Android devices to assure finest user experience and excellent Application performance.

  • Sound knowledge of all mobile application platforms.
  • Customized application development based on your requirements.
  • A legacy of creating value-for-money apps, with proven track record of delivering results.
  • Evolution on a continuous basis, in terms of services, innovation and technology.
  • Timeline adherence in every project.
  • Experienced and committed mobile development team at your service.

With a team of 10+ professionals

With a team of 10+ professionals hailing from the industry, we have a team committed to developing the finest apps for your organization. This dynamic team is a blend of youth and expertise bringing the best of both worlds to the table. Together, they have a combined expertise of a staggering 1.7 million man hours! With a combination of technical as well as soft skills, they’re devoted to providing you the topmost service.

Why choose Android Development?

  • Android is a unique platform that allows Android developers to build unique, creative applications for Android platform devices.
  • Android mobile phone OS is based on Linux kernel and its development platform is multitasking, which means any application can run on the Android Smartphone simultaneously without affecting the performance.
  • Android build device are fully customizable as the user requirement.
  • Android Mobile Application Development platform provide large variety of libraries and useful tools that can be used to build up most creative and sophisticated mobile apps.
  • Android platform pre-built of tools dramatically increases the productivity of android application developers and help them to build or design function rich android application faster.

We expertise in Native Mobile Application Development

We are one of the best Android Application Company in India around and will work with you to set out a plan and using our expert services we will make it happen. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and we would be pleased to offer our elite services to you.

Let your ideas become a Reality!

At SEO Higher Ranking, we believe that “Ideas shape the course of history”. SEO Higher Ranking offers exceptional Application Development services that helps your ideas to be transformed into reality. The Mobile Application Projects that we deliver are finest in class and user friendly.

Display the most ideal project to the users.

Save Time as well as your precious money.

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team

Our Android App Development Process :

Envisioning the project

1) Envisioning the project

The journey to create your dream app begins with chalking out your needs and getting prepared for the next stages. Here are the steps involved at the initial stage:

  • Understanding your needs and objectives
  • Gathering the necessary data and preparing a wire-frame for the App
  • Deciding exact App details, specifications, platform pros and cons and costs involved

2) Designing your App

The next step is to conclusively design the App, before App development begins:

  • Creating a blueprint of the App- its features and its functionality
  • Deciding on a deadline in accordance with the client
  • Building static screens of the final product to get a basic idea of the look and feel
Developing your App

3) Developing your App

This is the stage where your mobile application is actually created based on client requirements. The steps involved are:

  • Designing and encoding the user interface
  • If server component is involved, employing various techniques for development efficiency
Android App Development

4) Testing your app

Now that your App is ready, it’s time to test it before it is launched into the market. Testing happens in a variety of manners:

  • Constant monitoring of progress in coordination with the client
  • Field testing the functionality among a sample set This step involves being prepared to go back to the drawing board if necessary to remove errors
Making your App available to users

5) Making your App available to users

Congratulations! Your App is now ready to be deployed. It’s time to unleash it upon the world. Here’s how your App can reach your audience:

  • Congratulations! Your App is now ready to be deployed. It’s time to unleash it upon the world. Here’s how your App can reach your audience:
  • Coordinating and linking the Mobile App to your actual website and making sure there is no discrepancy

Why Choose SEO Higher Ranking For Android Apps Development Services?


What if I am not in India?

 SEO Higher Ranking works for you no matter where you are. Our work is expanded worldwide.

Reach: Around the Globe

Reach: Around the Globe

SEO Higher Ranking helps you showcase your Project around the Globe to a boundless audience.

Best Opinions

SEO Higher Ranking provides you with the best opinions on your project. Only the best and suitable perceptions are adopted while developing the Applications.

Target the Prime Audience

Target the Prime Audience

At SEO Higher Ranking, we help you to choose your prime audience which shall be targeted distinctively.

Custom App Design

Custom App Design

Team SEO Higher Ranking specializes in terrific Application designs to make your application tempting.

Smooth Communication

Smooth Communication

We are easily accessible through e-mail and telephone. We maintain a positive relationship with our clients by the means of smooth and convenient communication.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

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