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SEO Higher Ranking is one of the best app marketing promotion company in India, we have helped developers, brands, advertisers and content providers take their app to the next level. We understand that each app is unique and create custom solutions to make sure that we are meeting our objectives.

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what is aso


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process to rank Your App Higher in App Store, this process makes Your App more visible to Android, IOS or Blackberry Users. If Your App is more visible to the user then it will automatically gets more downloads organically.



According to a survey 75% of the mobile users search apps through App Store this makes ASO process more important to rank higher and increase visibility in App Store, if you are not ranking in App Store you are surely missing huge audience hence ASO is mandatory for your App.

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Get your App Optimized

We offer the best App Store Optimization Service. Having a app on the stores without having them optimized is like asking the users to find a needle in a hay stack. We will make your app more discoverable

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Dominate your industry and be above your competitors.

Application Store Optimization (ASO) Company India

We are innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization. Our goal is to assist developers and app owners in succeeding in the business of apps. We provide services of app rank boosting to increase discovery, optimize revenue and better position applications to set them up for success. Our team has years of proven experience in strategy, marketing and increasing revenue for companies with their digital offerings.

SEO Higher Ranking will increase mobile app discoverability, drive organic downloads and improve app store seo search ranking . Guaranteed!


We are totally sure that good app just using right ASO will generate more loyal users, than any marketing company.


Our goal is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the App store, so searchers can take a specific action: download your app.


Your application after app store search optimization effect will work for you even when you sleep.

What Can We Do for You Use App Store Optimization?

Step 1) Brainstorming Root keywords

We start from your app niche Root Keywords. We spy high ranked competitor apps to come up with more ideas.

Step 2) Keywords Extraction

First, we use synonyms tools to find keywords with lower difficulty, then use keyword mixer to come up with list of phrases. Lastly, we use appcodes tool for checking phrases.

Step 3) Creating & Monitoring Keywords

We will create keywords and SEO rich title for your app and we will help you choose appropriate category for your app that is less competitive. As per client request we will start monitoring your keyword performance and make changes accordingly.

Interesting Facts About ASO

% of apps are discovered through app store search
% will increase app store search rankings, if keywords will be in your mobile app name
- 20 Top
your applications can reach up to the TOP in a category / to the Overall TOP in App Store
free organic downloads/per month application can get, just using Appstore Search Optimization

Why Choose SEO Higher Ranking for App Store Optimization Services ?

Best app store optimization agency – Benefit from maximum , the best performance,availability and professional customer service. Allow us the opportunity to Fulfill your expectations.

We are a team of young, energetic apps optimization professionals who enjoy technological advances of our time. We genuinely love new technology stuff, and are passionate to help you achieve your business goals through unique apps optimization service. Not only we help with apps optimization from a raw idea, we help you deploy and maintain it for you.

We focus to create user-experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations, and leaves a long lasting positive impression. Our apps optimization services India will cover your entire mobile strategy. We leverage agile apps optimization methodologies to equip you better for taking giant leap in your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is App Store Optimization (ASO) and why it is so important?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is like SEO for apps. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone app) in an app store (such as iTunes or Google Play for Android). In this case we will be fully focussed on iOS optimization. App Store Optimization (ASO) is pretty young and still evolving field. One of the most important parts of App Store Optimization is finding the right keywords, ranking as higher as possible for those keywords and converting visitors into users. However it is important to mention App Store Optimization does not mean keyword research only but also involves all meta data available in the app store like icon, screenshots and description. Ranking higher in search results will drive more download for an app.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO) goal?

Ranking higher then competitors and to be found by users in app store since the app store is the #1 source for discovering new applications. This is not an easy process but if it is done properly it may work.

What You Get?

Basic Packages

Once we are done with your app(s) you will get 2 files. First file is going to be AppCodes report where you will be able to see all the keywords (phrases) your app will be ranking for. Second file will exactly show you how to use and monitor your keywords.

Pro Packages

Once we are done with your app(s) you will receive 2 files. First file is going to be AppCodes report where you will be able to see all the keywords (phrases) your app will be ranking for. Second file will exactly show you how to use and monitor your keywords. After that, we will monitor your keywords for 30 days. Every week we will send you a keyword monitoring report. After 30 days ended, we will send you the same 2 files you receive in first place but with newly tweaked keywords.

What can I expect from this service?

First of all you need to understand App Store Optimization (ASO) is not one time job but the process. Once we provide you with the first batch of keywords and the title for your app and your app goes live you should keep tracking your keywords constantly. For those which does not rank well or they are getting extremely low traffic you should find good replacement.

Why tracking and tweaking keywords is so important?

One of the most important elements of App Store Optimization is tracking how your app is ranking for its keywords. There is an ebb and flow to App Store searches, so normally your ranking will go up and down. If you want to improve your downloads significantly, then tracking and improving your keyword rankings is the best place to start with. Without tracking your keywords it may be hard to see what works well for your app or what need to be changed.

Our Packages?

There are two (2) different types of packages you can choose from – BASIC and PRO. BASIC package includes creating title and keywords up to 100 characters as well as selection of appropriate app category. PRO package includes the same plus keyword monitoring and tweaking which is recommended. When ordering quantity number will depend of number of your apps. Once the payment have been received you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

My app is not released yet. Do you still provide ASO service for it?

Definitely yes. If your app is not released yet, we’ll give you our UDID number so you can send us the test build. You can also send us a short video of your app or screenshots (if available).

How many times my keywords will be tweaked within 30 days for pro package?

Tweaking keywords will be performed once (1) within 30 days.

Will my downloads increase instantly after optimization?

In most cases, the answer is yes. However, you need to understand App Store Optimization (ASO) involves all meta data available in the app store like icon, screenshots, and description of your app. We can help your app to rank better but we can not force anyone to download your app. Your downloads will mainly depend on the quality of the app itself.

My app have a paid version too, what should I do?

If your app have a paid version too it is recommended to use completely different keywords from free version. Remember as more variety we can use as better. Using completely different keywords for the same app may give a better chance and bring more users to the app. However it is also possible to use the same keywords for both versions.

I have multiple apps, is there any discount for me?

Yes. If you have multiple apps (5+ apps) we’re willing to offer a discount for you.

Turnaround Time?

Turnaround time will depend of the number of your apps. Normally turnaround time for one app is 48-72 hours.

I changed my mind. Is there any chance I can ask for refund?

Unfortunately not. Refund is only possible in rare cases where we’re not able to complete our job.

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