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We understand more than anyone the need for a great website for dentists that will convert all the numerous visitors into regular faithful patients at your dental practice. We know the power of a website and how not having one might be the missing link between you and the success you desire to see in your dental practice.

Building a website is not the difficult part; almost anyone can build a website. The real genius lies in being able to generate enough profitable traffic that comes to visit the website. This is our role. Think of us as the connectors that bring you and your potential clients together online.

Why your practice needs our Dental SEO Services 

Our aim is to not only link up these potential patients with your website but to get them to actually come over to your dental practice. This to us is success. Hence it is a two way fork that we are trying to set up and establish for you.

The services we provide for you as a dentist include: internet dental marketing, articles and blog content for your websites, search engine optimizationsocial media management, and dental website design.

Strategies a dental SEO Company may use to help your office include:

Internet Dental Marketing 

The way dentists and their professions are being marketed have changed over the years. Today more and more health care practitioners are turning to online mediums to market and advertise their services. Why should you be left behind? Working hand-in-hand with dentists, we help to build systematic online marketing strategies that are guaranteed to boost your online presence and drive profitable clients to their dental practices. Making use of search engine optimization, social media platforms and paid searches we help to market and raise your brand recognition all in the hopes that your dental database will increase.

Social Media Management 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other major social media platform in between, we provide a wide selection of dental social media services targeted at branding your image in people’s minds and bringing greater brand awareness to people. Our unique services encompass strategic consultancy right through to total account management. You need to have a social media marketing strategy if you wish to successfully and effectively bring more patients to your dental practice. It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page or a Twitter account that is updated once a month. Let us devise and come up with a solution that is customized just for you.

Search Engine Optimization 

In order to make sure that your website is doing well and being recognized by search engines, we take every sentence of every page and try to make it as optimized as possible. We believe in growing websites organically and through the use of white hat techniques. What this means is that we don’t cut corners like the rest. We play fair and we play by the rules of search engines. In this way you are protected and safe when search engines release their new policies. You won’t have anything to fear.

Content Creation 

The website that we will create for you will feature a blog as a standard feature of the website. This blog is your chance of interacting with the world and letting them know who you are and what you are about. If you wish to, you can write this blog and post regularly on it yourself. However we understand just how busy the dental practice may be (and will be once we are finished!) such that you might not be having as much time to write and post blog articles as you would want to. No worries, we have you covered. We also write web articles and blog posts and we would be more than happy to help you in this area if you so choose. With an aim to enhance brand identity, sales and ROI of dentists, our SEO Company in India strives to be the global leader in offering local seo dental marketing service.

What makes our Dental Marketing different?

  • We rank you for competitive, high volume, targeted keywords - not just local results near your practice, though we do that as well. That's why we can guarantee traffic, not just rankings.
  • We already have standing agreements with Dental specific, powerful blogs - meaning we can deliver results much faster than anyone else.
  • We are happy to see you move on. Because we are limited in the number of clients we can take on at once, our model is to make sure you are at patient capacity (and self sustaining via referrals and your website) within 1-2 years, and move on to the next client.
  • We write compelling dental SEO content and post on powerful blogs to help your rankings (something general SEO companies cannot do well), which means that you also get traffic / patients from those articles.

What you can expect from SEO Higher Ranking Dental Marketing

Specific Dental SEO strategies

We understand the nuances of the Dental market and will customize your dental SEO program to take advantage of those details (for example, focusing on services that are under-represented in your geographic area, increasing your odds of converting traffic).

Increases in traffic to your website

We don’t just help get you traffic, and then leave you in the lurch. We will show you proven techniques to turn that traffic into new patients (we do this for you with our full service package).

Detailed work

We know how important presentation is for a dental practice, and ensure that all our work is correct, professional, and well designed.

Overall marketing strategy

Although we specialize in dental SEO, we do know what is most effective offline as well. We are at your disposal, and do not charge our clients for this – we believe that your success is our success as well.

Complete transparency

We will tell you what we do for your dental SEO, and how we do it. We set up tracking, so you can see improvements in black and white.

Always available

Not only do we answer calls and e-mails same day, but make ourselves available to meet in person. In fact, we prefer to come to you, and get familiar with your team and practice – so that we can customize your marketing plan, and play to your strengths.

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