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Are you Looking for E-commerce Development Services?

Choosing the right Ecommerce Development Company is an intellectual resolution for your business growth.If you are interested in developing your ecommerce website according to your chosen technology, then you are at the right place. SEO Higher Ranking from India is offering you with multiple technologies like, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc. from which you can make your own choice to develop your e-commerce website. We at Ecommerce Web Services, offer our customers with exclusive web development services prioritizing their requirements first.

Load Your Shopping Cart with More Business

With our extensive e-commerce experience, we are ideally positioned to help you deliver a comprehensive and effective e-business strategy that will encompass communication, marketing and personnel issues for your company’s ecommerce solutions. Credited to latest technologies and vast selection of capabilities, an ecommerce solution can be used to construct an interactive ecommerce web site and a communicating store for every business.

Transform Your Shopping Cart in to a Better Sales Tool

Inclusive Full-Scale Marketplace Features

You deserve the best e-commerce website with as many features as you can to enhance sales and make it more browser-friendly for customers whenever they login to your online store. The inclusive full-scale marketplace features makes us stand apart from competitors in the highly competitive e-commerce sector.

Login Using Social Media Account

There is not a much better way than allowing your users to sign-up or login with ease using their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. We also include a default registration process that provides utmost convenience for users to sign in or sign up and thereby improving the user enrolment process for your online store.

Support for multiple languages

Your online store should be capable enough in attracting visitors from across the globe and language should never be a barrier. How about providing a convenient online shopping experience in the native language of your customers? Interesting right? Your e-commerce website will feature Multilanguage support for more than 432 languages that helps your business to stay connected with users of different linguistic backgrounds.

Multi-Currency Support

Your online store should not hinder prospective customers from purchasing the product just because their currencies are not supported. E-commerce website we create features support for almost 168 currencies that is integrated within the e-commerce website. Thus you can now accept payments from customers across the world and offer them the much needed convenience of going ahead with payment in their preferred currency.

Managing Products and Categories

Providing your customers with sufficient options to choose from is definitely going to increase their interest when it comes to shopping from your online store. Our e-commerce web development platform makes it possible for uploading as much number of products to your e-commerce website as you wish. The presence of a bulk edit feature makes product management to be among the simplest task for online businesses like you.

Effortless Order Management

You will get a notification as and when a customer places an order. Furthermore, each order is categorized on the basis of new, payment pending, processing and complete etc depending up on the status. The orders can be edited, cancelled and the invoice can be also generated for each order through an effortless order management within the e-commerce website designed by us.

One Step Checkout

Bring all the important information that is of relevance for the customers in a single page and offer your customers with a confident and happier one step checkout process that otherwise saves loads of time for your existing as well as prospective customer. If you can pave way for an easier checkout process for your customers, the chances is very less for them to leave your shopping cart in the middle of browsing. What does that means to you? Ofcourse, more sales!

Reports in Advance

Foresee your sales trends with Advanced Reports. Either it is customer-wise reports or country-wise reports, the reports can be considered to determine the strengths as well as weaknesses of your e-commerce website.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Having a customer review or ratings can increase the authenticity for all the products being listed online on your e-commerce store. None of the customers are going to purchase a product online without reading customer reviews or ratings. This is because they cannot touch or feel the product and the image as well as reviews has become more important for building customer loyalty. It helps improve brand reputation and accelerates the lead conversions.

SEO friendly URL

You will have a custom made URL for each of the web pages within your e-commerce website. Thus you can include desirable keywords and have a user-friendly URL that can be remembered by the website visitors always and thus helps improve the search rankings of the website too.

E-commerce Features that Makes you Industry-Ready

You will benefit from some of the most essential features of an e-commerce website ranging from suggested pages, related products to product filtering and product details along with dynamic shopping cart and shipping objects.

Display pages suggested by Users

Your users will get the pages related to the products they search for within the search bar. By offering such flexibility for users, the traffic towards such products could be also enhanced very much. If you are ready to highlight certain promotions or discounts, then you can see the traffic towards your online store reaching new heights.

Implementation of a Dynamic Shopping Cart

The shopping cart would be displayed as a small icon within the top right corner of the window to help users to check whether the products selected by them were accurately added to the shopping cart or not. This provides users with a smoother browsing experience through your online e-commerce store.

Displaying related products

Giving the customers with suggestions regarding the products that are similar to the one they have purchased or products that compliments well with the products that are about to be purchased would be designed in the best way in your e-commerce website. This helps in increasing the time spent by users on your website and can also increase the sales.

Shipping Options

None of the e-commerce websites are likely to put up a flat rate for the shipping. Each of the customers would prefer different shipping methods as some might want urgent shipping of their products whereas other customers would be happy with late shipping by paying lower fees. Your e-commerce website will be comprised of details such as shipping charges and shipping options. 

Details of Product

Product information is as important as anything and it should be comprised of the features and specifications of the product along with other extensive details about the product in a very clear and concise way. By providing your customers with an option for signing up, customers would receive notification about the availability of any products or colours of the products that goes out of stock.

Confirmation of Payment

The most stressful moment for the customers would be the moment they click the final “payment submit” button. We ensure customers are provided with a payment confirmation page once the payment has been successful in addition to providing them with an email confirming the payment receipt.

Why choose us for E-commerce Development Services

  • Setting up a profitable B2B or B2C e-commerce storefront that is completely customizable to meet your business and brand requirements.
  • Sell products to a global marketplace with taxes, duty, discounts, and shipping costs automatically calculated.
  • Manage multiple promotion and discounting schemes.
  • Sell more products with intelligent merchandising tools such as cross-selling, promotions, and automated e-mail.
  • Completely manage their online store via the Admin panel, a web-based management area.
  • Manage visitors to the site – keep track of who’s on the site and what they are doing.
  • Manage the shopping basket – keep track of who wants to buy what.
  • Manage customers – handle the conversion from ‘visitor’ to ‘customer’, along with all the order capture information.
  • Process orders – take the basket and turn the contents into order fulfillment.

Get your dream E-commerce Store with Expert Assistance and Guidance

Shopping from the comfort of your home has become an ongoing trend and nothing can be more satisfying than providing customers like you with a seamless online shopping experience. You can choose from a range of ecommerce web development solutions such as OpenCart, ZenCart, Magento, Prestashop and OSCommerce etc to name among a few.
E-commerce Solution
OpenCart Solution
osCommerce Solution
ZenCart Solution
Shopify Solution

E-Commerce Web Development & Solution

 SEO Higher Ranking serves its customers in a way so that it can meet the user’s expectations to the maximum. We believe in providing customized web services so that we can structure your dream website. We design the websites in a way that you can make out the uniqueness from our designed websites and can compete globally. We believe in developing long term business relationship with our respectable clients through our innovative designs and creations.

OpenCart eCommerce Web Development & Solution


It tops the list among the most user-friendly ecommerce web development platform. It allows easier optimization within search engines which will help your e-commerce website to rank higher in the search results. You will get the benefit of a huge developer community support along with enhanced support for multiple languages and a majority of the currencies. It is a resource-rich ecommerce development platform that is comprised of add-on products as well as plug-ins. Templates can be used for uploading the products as well as it can be easily maintained by the non-programmers. If you are a start-up and is looking for speeding up the online presence for becoming a truly-professional online store, then go ahead with OpenCart Ecommerce web development as it offers a powerful shopping cart with minimum investment.

SaaS eCommerce Web Development & Solution

If you are a beginner in online business, then you should think of Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] that has become the best choice in the present business atmosphere. There are a number of reasons we might recommend this e-commerce web solutions. It is easily scalable and has lower implementation costs compared to any other E-commerce platform. You can enhance your online sales through a cloud-based delivery model and by making payment on a subscription basis; you can enjoy the best SaaS solution for your E-Commerce website.

osCommerce eCommerce Web Development & Solution


Why not give osCommerce e-commerce platform a try? An open source platform for developing ecommerce websites using the programming languages such as PHP and MySQL, you can get excellent benefits from your online store built on osCommerce ranging from user-friendly online shopping cart functionalities, enhanced customization abilities and improved SEO features. It is definitely a flexible and affordable choice for businesses like yours.

ZenCart eCommerce Web Development & Solution

Free and user-friendly characteristics of this online store management system are increasingly making it a favourite among the businesses. So you might be thinking why ZenCart? Well, the answer relies on the many benefits it is assured to give you and the list includes easier installation, multi-language support, support for multiple payment methods, enabling businesses to add more than one extra page, more than one ad banner controllers and quantity based discounts etc. Thus Zen Cart development has all the essentials required for serving your business interests.

Shopify E-Commerce Web Development & Solution

Shopify can be defined as the simplest shopping cart solution that you can choose for your e-commerce business. You will not have any issues with Shopify especially when it comes to hosting of your shopping cart, server maintenance, brand presentation and the presentation of your inventory to potential customers. The presence of auxiliary apps, easy to use characteristics, the lack of need to deal with software or server installation, reliability and customized design are some of the key highlights of e-commerce website developed under Shopify E-commerce web development.
How we work for E-commerce Web Solutions
We work with a clear set of guidelines and well-defined principles while working on your custom e-commerce website development or mobile e-commerce website development or responsive e-commerce website development requirements and thereby get your business established online.
  • Your needs would be taken in to consideration first.
  • Depending on your needs, the right tools and techniques would be implemented without leaving any gap for a second thought.
  • The best strategy for creating your online store would be prepared.
  • An actionable tactical plan that deals with ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the e-commerce website development strategy would be then implemented on basis of a step by step procedure.
  • Your objectives would be achieved through a stunning e-commerce website that is capable of delivering more sales along with an effective brand positioning online.

We provide our special support team who can guide you from development till deployment. Our Ecommerce Web Services team would be at your every step to support so that you can ultimately get benefitted the most. We are strict to our professionalism therefore believe in mutual success.

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