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French is the sixth-biggest language on the Internet, and it has an incredibly low penetration late of just 10% of the French-speaking population, according to Internet World Stats. That means it has plenty of room to grow. Even so, over 37 million French-speakers use the Internet, representing a lucrative market, primarily in France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.


The three SEO letters are the initials in English for “Search Engine Optimization”. Understand, Search Engine Optimization. SEO therefore corresponds to all the techniques which aim at optimizing a site to appear in a given search engine.


SEO is divided into two branches. Online SEO and off-page SEO. Online SEO concerns all the measures taken outside your site (Adwords, Traffic, Backlinks…). Off-page SEO focuses only on your site, its structure, design and content (HTML, CSS, Metas).


It is not enough to mix all of these ingredients. Your backlinks for example must be of good quality, written manually. Your traffic must be real. All these criteria are monitored by google robots. Updates can penalize your site if it is not sufficiently armed.

Our SEO Experts will create proven French SEO Strategy to achieve high ranking in Search Engine Results

Now that you know of the potential you might be asking yourself how can you tap this additional potential without knowing much about SEO? Now this is where the “SEO HIGHER RANKING” come into play.

We can help you position your company, product or services within the search-engines so as many people as possible can find it without any efforts.We do the keyword research in French, so that we learn what terms Francophone (French-speaking) audiences are actually using to search for your products and services. This is NOT AT ALL the same as translating from the English search terms, because searching patterns do not always translate directly. (If you sell socks, how do you know when your French-speaking customers are searching for “bas” and when they are searching for “chaussettes” if we don’t do the keyword research en français?)

Our French link-building is of the highest quality. We combine our French and English capabilities for maximum effect – that means better ROI for you! (The principals of The Happy Guy Marketing are bilingual Canadians, born and raised in Quebec.)

We also offer Multilingual SEO ,German SEO, Spanish SEO

Why choose SEO HIGHER RANKING for French SEO ?

What you will receive if you decide to take advantage of our French SEO services, also known as search engine optimization, is a series of actions taken by us that are targeted solely to improve your websites page ranking and position. Our methodology is not only completely legal in every way, but also employs morally ethical business standards. We not only aim to achieve superior results, we also find it paramount to protect our customer‚ reputations.

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These are some of the unique SEO advantages, we offer.

  • Higher position for your site based on selected keywords.
  • Substantial increase in the number of page viewers and potential buyers to your site.
  • Certainty of proper keyword selection based on expert consultation.
  • Confidence based on our superior SEO service guarantee.

Our proven French SEO service is of high quality and therefore extremely effective!



Our service allows you to fully concentrate on your core competency while our experts take care of the rest.



Each high quality link we build to your website is built manually to ensure the integrety of you and your business.



Our French SEO service is available globally as long as you target English or French speaking customers!



No matter what issue you might have our highly qualified support team is available via phone, skype and email.



Unlike other SEO Companies we don’t tie you to a 12 or even 24 month contract.



We will provide reports on a monthly basis to show you the progress we have made.

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