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Google Adwords is an effective method of generating instant brand recognition on search engines. Google Adwords Marketing is a billing model that is particularly prevalent in modern online marketing practices. The advertiser pays for each click their ad receives – thus generating traffic to their website.The largest and most popular pay per click provider is Google AdWords.

Why choose Google Adwords for Your (PPC) Pay Per Click Management?

Google Adwords Management as it is commonly known, has become an increasingly popular internet marketing technique, this is because it offers a wide array of benefits to businesses. Pay Per Click is a form of online marketing where you do not pay for your advertisement until someone clicks on it, which means you will see a return for every penny you spend on PPC.

A Google ads advertisement is not affected by your search engine ranking so if you are on the 8th page your PPC advertisement can still be displayed on the first page of results this is because the paid listings are kept separate from the organic listings. Paid listings are displayed on the the search engine results page while the organic listings are predominantly displayed in the middle of the page. Many businesses use Google adwords as a way to get their website noticed while an SEO campaign in being put in place once they have effective SEO in place they will then use their PPC to promote products and services.


Google Adwords Management Services - Best ROI from PPC

As a leading Google adwords company in india and abroad, our services have already enabled our esteemed clients to witness a sharp rise in web traffic, conversions, and revenues within a short period of time. Our rich experience will certainly benefit your business by way of our expert ppc consultant services .

Our Google adwords services consist of several related strategies that all combine to lead targeted traffic to your website, engage and transform them into successful conversions, and boost your online presence, sales, and revenues. As responsible ppc consultants , we ensure that your campaign remains within its designated budget while delivering impressive and measurable results within a very short time.

Our consultant services include

  • We ensure better conversion rate so that you get higher return on your investment.
  • We can initiate a PPC ad campaign that can drive instant quality traffic to your website.
  • We help you save your money while delivering best marketing results.
  • We create engaging ads that can get maximum clicks for you.
  • We can refine your existing Google ads campaign for better results.
  • We can find out on which keyword your competitors are bidding on and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • We can manage Google ads campaign on your behalf and provide you with access to website traffic details.

We, at SEO HIGHER RANKING manage varied Google ads campaigns for clients located all around the world (India, U.S.A, U.K, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, India, and other countries).Our Google campaign management services are based on our rich experience and high technical skills. We ensure that each campaign is executed within the desired budget of our clients and our recent google adwords professional certification is an official testament to our skills.

Our Google ads campaign set up includes


Keyword Grouping

Our adword campaign management strategy starts out by arranging vital keywords into several groups in the ppc account setup to ensure maximum exposure and clicks against relevant searches.


Ad copywriting

Our set up also includes devising an eye-catching ad to make your target market sit up, take notice, and click to your website, thus boosting web traffic and conversion rates.


Landing Page Optimization

Each visitor normally stays on a landing page for just a few seconds before deciding to continue surfing on that website or moving on to another site. Our ppc campaign set up includes optimizing your landing page to wow your target audience and encourage them to browse within, which in turn will boost your online popularity and result in increased sales and revenues.



 To ensure brand consistency and higher response rates we will incorporate offline advertising messages and schedules into our campaigns (where appropriate).


Setting up campaign distribution preferences

Our adword campaign management set up also includes selecting crucial keywords that fit in your desired budget. We can analyze and help select less popular keywords that hold higher potential of diverting increased web traffic to your website through analytical research and rich experience in handling large and small clients based all over the globe.


Evaluating and setting Bid Values

An effective Google ads campaign is based upon keywords and our technical expertise and in-depth understanding of keyword valuations can ensure optimum bidding prices for your chosen keywords so as to remain within your desired budget while maximizing your ROI.

Why hire an inexperienced or incapable ppc company to handle such a vital campaign for your business when you can hire the best Google adwords management services company to catch the attention of search engines and your target market alike.


Contact us now to sit back and enjoy profits pouring in from a professional and effective Google adwords campaign.

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