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Google Penalty Removal Services –Unnatural Links Penalty Recovery

Has your site experienced a sudden drop in online traffic and sales due to spammy link-building ? It is indication of a link-based penalty.

Do you want to contact webmasters and remove toxic backlinks ? Without paying absurd prices?


  • Your search engine rankings suddenly dropped ? Traffic to your website suddenly dropped?
  • Or maybe do you want to contact some webmaster and ask them to remove links to your website?
  • You don’t know why your website is not ranking good on Google?

Google is taking strict measures and steps against spammers with an aim to improve user experience. Further it employs algorithmic updates and manual penalties with the objective to target and devalue manipulative websites. The ongoing changes in Google’s search engine algorithm have created a negative impact on several businesses. Updates from Google have caused serious implications for numerous brands. It can be said that these updates have hurt legitimate businesses who were not aware of it, worked with wrong or unethical SEO companies or who felt that black hat SEO techniques were the only best way to stay competitive in the online community.


Now, Recover from Google Penalty with SEO HIGHER RANKING

SEO Higher Ranking provides Google penalty assessment service to help businesses understand their situation. We will provide our clients an assessment report complete with an explanation of the penalty they received and the recovery process that should be taken to get their business back to Google’s good graces. The report will show the factors that lead to the penalty as well as the process to be made to fix the problem. Implementation of the process will be left to the client though we also provide Google penalty recovery service as an option.

To help our clients recover from Google penalty, we will provide the following: (Depending on the type of penalty received)

  • Backlinks analysis from Google Webmaster Tools link reports
  • Anchor text evaluation report.
  • Identification of links that need to be disavowed, and recommendations for how to submit for reconsideration.
  • Online document that contains all your backlinks from Google Webmaster tools formatted properly to guide you with the link removal process.
  • Page’s content review to find critical violations such as cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, etc.. We will evaluate the home page plus up to 50 more pages.
  • Content quality evaluation to check for duplicates and other poor quality content

Overview of Our Link Removal Services

Recovery Services for Google Panda and Penguin penalties targeting sites that have a low quality content, which use slightly plagiarized content, and mainly do not meet Google’s quality standards. Google Penguin on the other hand is concerned with websites that use low quality links or build links that are missing. If you notice that your website is not getting the traffic it did, it would be possible that he was the prey of penalties Google Panda and Penguin.

As a safe SEO website and SEO, we are generally concerned about how to help our clients recover penalties Penguin, how to create good content that can be shared and what needs to be done to ensure that new updates do not affect drastically their business sites.

Our many years of experience and study of the dynamic SEO greatly helped to propel us to the top of excellent service delivery. We continue to study the dynamics of google penalty recovery, provide our customers with reliable strategies on how to use the strategies of the “white hat” to achieve a higher ranking strategies and how to avoid the “black hat” which essentially contributed to the high suffering of companies around the world.

Google Panda Recovery Service

Recover from Google Panda Penalty through Website Resurrection

Google’s Panda aimed to identify “low quality” websites with duplicate/thin content, graphics, etc., and prevent them from ranking high on organic searches. Our team of experts identifies the objectionable elements of your website and creates a tailored strategy to help you regain your lost glory.

Penguin Recovery Service

Recover from Penguin Penalty through Link Profile Refinement

Google’s Penguin update took out the websites that were using poor quality links to manipulate search rankings, robbing millions of websites of their much valued search placement. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your site’s link profile and follow a tactical approach to revoke the penalty.

Manual Recovery Service

Recover from Google Manual Penalty employing a strategic approach

Probably the deadest of all, ‘Manual Action’ penalty is imposed when a site is found to be using spam links, site-wide links, paid links, etc. We identify the causes of penalty and implement a multi-level remedial strategy to prove to Google that your website no longer violates its quality guidelines.

Unnatural Link Removal Service

Get rid of unwanted links from your website in a seamless manner

If you need an expert to remove unnatural links from your website, look no further. Our team of web technology professionals has extensive experience in cracking the toughest of nuts when it comes to unnatural link removal. Choose us and rest assured that the job is in the hands of the best in business.

Our Google Penalty Action Recovery Process



Not every Google penalty is the same. Our first step is to identify exactly what type of penalty your website has (if it has a penalty at all). Our recommended course of action for removing a penalty may vary drastically depending on the type of penalty levied against the site.



If it is determined that we need to file a reconsideration request, we will compile a list of links using SEO tools and evaluate each link by hand, separating the good links from the ones that need to be removed or disavowed. This will help us maintain any quality natural links pointing to the site while removing any links that may have triggered a penalty.



After separating the quality links, we work through low-quality or manipulative links, sending out email requests for link removals. We count every email, classify every response, and log every successful link removal. This documentation is crucial to getting a reconsideration request approved.



After subtracting our successful link removals and our quality links from the total link list, the remainder are compiled and added to a disavow file. We can then run this disavow file for you in order to improve the link profile of your website. We keep this documentation and use it as part of our reconsideration request.



After compiling our email lists and submitting our disavow file, we can then draft our reconsideration request. We cite our documentation and create a document lobbying on your behalf for the removal of your link penalty, giving you the best chance at getting approved.


Again Contact with webmasters

After initial contact we wait around 1-2 weeks. We check to see what backlinks are still visible. We rebuild the list of backlinks to be removed. We contact them again. We repeat this process for months, usually 3 months.After a period of time (you decide) we start building the disavow file containing links that were not removed. We upload the file to Google WMT along with proofs that you tried to remove the links (emails).

Google Penalty Removal Packages and Pricing

Penalty Assessment

  • Remove 1 website from 500 domains
  • Contact webmaster every 1-2 weeks
  • Reports with remaining links
  • Disavow file composition
  • Completion in 2-12 weeks
  • One time payment!
Pay Now

Assessment + Removal

  • Backlink Report
  • Toxic Backlinks Report
  • On-Page Analysis
  • On-Page Recommendation
  • Step-by-Step plan
  • Completion in 7 work days
  • Remove 1 website from 500 domains
  • Contact webmaster every 1-2 weeks
  • Reports with remaining links
  • Disavow file composition
  • Completion in 2-12 weeks
  • One time payment!
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Contact us today and we will respond back to you with the best solution for your site if it has been affected by Google penalty

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