Guaranteed Google Top 10 Search Engine Rankings

Get YOUR Website on the FIRST PAGE of Google

We will get your website on Page One of Google, Yahoo & Bing, 100% Guaranteed. Our Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques will guarantee your website a naturally ranking (without using pay-per-click advertising) top-ten search result for your choice of keywords on Google, Yahoo & Bing. A Top 10 Ranking on these search engines will put your website in front of over 90% of all search engine users.

Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings

More than 220 million times a day, people search for what they want on Google and its partner sites. Google first page rankings are also displayed on other top search engines such as AOL, Yahoo, Bing and Netscape.

We are Google, Bing & Yahoo search engine optimization experts, and with the internet quickly becoming the largest source of advertising in the world, realize that a top 10 ranking will generate extremely targeted traffic through your website daily. We guarantee that with our internet marketing services your site will achieve a top-ten, page one search result.

A top 10 ranking on Google, Yahoo & Bing will skyrocket your traffic and your business. You will recover your small investment from all of the new clients that you will get as a result of our work. What are you waiting for? Don’t let your competition walk away with all of the prospective clients who are searching for your services and products.

Google Guarantee Top 10 process:

Keyword Research

First things first: keywords and keyword phrases. We review and research your search terms and work with you to find the real search words customers use when looking for your products and services. You give us your top three and we do the legwork. Together, we go over the results and take it from there.

Page Optimization

Every website is different and requires a unique approach to optimization. We will run a complete, well-managed search optimization campaign for your first page. There are no hidden costs and no extras.

Link Building Campaign

Quality links that point to your website are a leading factor in deciding how high a search engine ranks a website. The more quality and relevant links that point to your site, the better you rank. A link building campaign is a long and tedious process. There are no shortcuts and we have developed a process. Let us spend the hours of searching for and requesting links so that you can devote your time to taking care of business.


We will install, set-up and teach you how to use a Google Analytics account. This account lets you monitor your traffic to see where your customers are coming from, how long they stay, how they found you, and if they are new or returning visitors. This is a great tool that can help you to tailor your website to your visiting audience. There is also a section where you can view your ranking results online, print them off, and view them on your iPhone or Blackberry. Using our Client Admin section, you can also view, make changes and make comments on-line in a secure and personable area. And, through the whole process you can monitor what we are doing and track our results. Remember, if we don’t produce, you don’t pay.

Social Marketing

Social networking services help groups of people communicate, and in certain cases can be used to market a product, service or even a web site. Your presence on social media sites can put you in touch with groups with special interests and can be a valuable marketing tool. We will set up your presence on select sites, such as Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and more, and show you how to use them, provide blogging tips, and prepare articles for best results.

Media Release

A key to promoting your business is to get others to talk about you. We will write, and upon your approval, distribute a press release to social media and press release distribution firms at specific intervals. Along with search engine optimization and other marketing activities, this will help increase your ranking and drive traffic to your website to help improve your page rank with Google and all other major search engines.

How soon can you expect Top 10 Rankings on Search Engines?

Our SEO (search engine optimization) experts will get your site organically ranked in the Top 10 (on the first page) of Google, Yahoo and MSN/bing within 6 months.We begin with a website analysis to find out just how search engine friendly your site is as soon as you sign up. We’ll comb your site looking for ways to improve it and design the strategy to get you into the Top 10. Once you approve it, we immediately launch the campaign and move forward as fast as possible.

Guaranteed Top 10 will run a focused and well managed search engine optimization campaign for your company website. Get that booking, sell that product, and increase traffic to your website the best way… Guaranteed Top 10 on Search Engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN)!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

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