How To Build Natural Backlinks To Your Website : 17 Natural Link Building Ideas

How To Build Natural Backlinks To Your Website

Natural Links has often been an integral part of SEO and a couple of years back this strategy really worked well in favor of webmasters and web owners who desired instant rankings in Google. For actually attracting more organic traffic to your site, you need to publish original web content and gain natural links via them.


A high quality content is the driving force behind attracting natural and thematic links from other websites which desire to link with yours. The key here is to generate outstanding content which will automatically drive in more web traffic and thereby links. After the Google Penguin update, SEO analysts worldwide have become very  cautious while building links. Earlier, any Tom, Dick & Harry links had helped in the ranking process but now only those link counts which are of exceptionally high quality and relevant.  

1- Focus Your Attention On Content Development

SEO has changed over the years and today the focus is on creating high quality content to make your website stand out in the competition. You need to think by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and act like an audience. Your content should have the power to provide the exact information your customers are looking for. Content Development

Once you are able to understand the mindset of your potential customers, your words & phrases will automatically flow in. This is why others would like to link with your niche as you would command a strong position in SERPs by the virtue of your original and informative content.

For getting easy natural backlinks, you need to ask two most important questions to yourself while producing web content.

  • Who would be the target audience that would read your content ?
  • Why would they read your content ?

Once you are able to figure this out, you get the desired web traffic for your site by means of quality content and your visitor bounce rate will automatically come down. This is when Google is going to rank your website in the top position of the search results.

Earning natural backlinks through content is somewhat a very safe idea when it comes to getting link requests from relevant websites. The bottom-line is to make your audience satisfied when they make a search in Google or Yahoo as they are looking for relevant products / services. Keep yourself abreast with the latest SEO stuffs / happenings by going through sites like Mix, Digg, Delicious, Reddit which can provide valuable insight into the actual functioning of any digital marketing activity.  

2- Use the Social Media Platform

Getting links from social media sites can also do a whole lot of good for increasing the profile of your niche. Share your posts and images over the most dominant social networking sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and expect someone to link with you. Publishing your latest articles and campaigns over the most popular networking sites is the best way to earn a quality link from any of these sites.

Social Media Platform

In this way, you can build more social connections, generate more leads and drive your search engine traffic to an all time new high. Quality links are a great way to boost Search Engine traffic as this has been established by all leading SEO players worldwide. So, be an active participant in social media and expect incoming links knocking your door. Choose your own link profile and dream of getting to that top 10 ranking in Google.  

3- Create Exceptionally Well Content and Make Links for Your Readers

Go for creating the best content to grab the attention of your readers. Your title should be eye catching so that it instantly stirs up the anxiety level of your customers. According to a popular SEO saying “Make Links for Humans not For Google” has been absolutely vindicated as this popular search engine looks for authenticity and something which is ethical. Do not submit to directories that are built only for dumping sites. Submit to major directory sites which are actually deemed reputable and popular. Go for submitting to the major social bookmarking sites which are very popular among the general masses.

Make Links for Humans not For Google 

Avoid indulging in any type of link building activity which is solely meant for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings. Go for blog commenting whenever necessary, otherwise do not comment at all. The bottom-line is, you have to continue building links which are important and which help in the ranking process. While creating content, try to make bullet points and short paragraphs for reader attention.

This would cultivate reader interest and thereby boost search engine rankings and attract other websites to link with yours. Your content subject should be somewhat with which your readers can relate to or draw up a parallel. Also focus your attention on “link to content” ratio as that helps to build a strong keyword optimized web content. You can also maintain a blog of yours inside the website and ask other bloggers to blog about you.  

4- Go for Scientific Keyword Researching

Keyword Researching Once you are able to identify the best keywords for your business, the sky’s the limit. Online visitors search through a combination of keywords or common phrases. Find out the specific keywords for which your competitors rank. Incorporate those keywords which you think your customers use while searching for your products and services. The more keyword optimized your niche is, the better is the chance to rank well in Google or Yahoo. In this way, other websites would like to link up with you in order to get that link juice.  

5- Earn Your Links Via Natural Mode

Links can be generated through a number of ways keeping in mind the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Easy and fast links can never be deemed “Natural” in any way. What is termed as ‘natural links’ in SEO is through quality content which automatically generates likes and interest. An optimized content can go a long way in pushing a site to the top in Google ranking. As more and more visitors go through your content, the SE traffic shows an upward trend and the Google crawler takes a note of this and rewards your domain accordingly.

It carefully analyzes all the aspects after taking into consideration the technicalities involved and then goes about ranking a particular site. Once your niche is ranked well in search engines, you are bound to get natural links thereby increasing the importance and prominence of your site. So, go for pursuing a healthy web content to see the best results in a steady pace of time. Even share your blogs, articles, posts and comments over the best social media sites for gaining instant publicity.

Another Powerful Tips To Earning Easy and Natural Quality Backlinks


6- Target your content to those who can spread your message far and wide.

I mean spreading online and going viral over the web. There are individuals who love to push a content over the web through the reach of collective consciousness, be it in social media or in various other article submission sites. You need to go to the source if you are looking for links and tweets. For seeing any strains of positive results, you have to wait for weeks and even months as you never know what’s there in the minds of those online participants.  

7- Reward Your Readers Who Share

People who blog or tweet are by nature selfish. They want to expand their own network, so reach out out to them who would in turn give ‘likes’ and share your posts in return for something. Go for expanding your followers by the way of tweets, likes, votes etc. and this would generate the much needed popularity for your niche. So you can reward your readers / sharers with reply tweets, likes or send them personal thanksgiving mail.  

8- Choose a subject for your niche with which your audience can relate and find some interest in

 Its very easy to connect with your audience by choosing a happening topic which is liked by everyone. Try producing content with topics relating to sex, sports, news, entertainment, movies and much more. But this does not mean in any way that the so called “boring” sites which deal in finance, insurance, real estate have no hope when it comes to a healthy link profile. Make your blogs relevant and interesting which will attract the attention of your readers.  

9- You need to write exceptionally well

 Write one page of quality content instead of generating loads of garbage and trash for the sake of increasing the number of your webpages.  

10- Create an eye catching title for your post

 A title / heading which grabs the attention of your readers can actually be viral. This can be the success story for your online business as a simple, informative, communicative and attention grabbing heading can be a great way to attract visitors.  

11- Use Graphics & Images

 Make optimum use of graphics and images in your content as visitors love something flashy and which is off the beaten track. Be bold enough to place the graphic in the top of your page to instantly draw the attention of your visitors. Do not go for placing it somewhere which is out of the reach of your visitors. Such brilliant ideas enhances the attractiveness of the post.  

12- Don’t just post but ignite an online discussion

Your work does not end by just posting the content over the site. Create a controversy by sparking discussions which will force bloggers and tweeters to share their opinion. A controversial content can bring greater success for your online journey.  

13- Try using bullet points and try building short paragraphs as this creates interest among readers.

A short product punchline can do a whole lot of good for increasing the overall popularity of a domain.  

14- Avoid creating long posts & articles as this dampens reader spirit.

People usually get bored reading lengthy content as they look for instant catchy points that serve their purpose. Any long posts without any critical or relevant information is of NO interest to readers.

15- Get aggressive on the social media front as that is the best platform to go viral.

Social networking sites are actually doing a great job in spreading any message far and wide. Tweeting is a great way to become a ‘hero’ in the shortest possible time.  

16- Scientific keyword researching holds the key for any productive site promotion activity.

If your keyword combination / phrases are good, there is the possibility of search engine referrals and your niche commands a strong position in search engines.  

17- Always try being non commercial and avoid using referral links and completely shun commercial messaging in the body of the text / post.

Remove offensive advertising from your posts as that might harm the reputation and credibility of your site. Market your site later but try to grab the attention of your readers first.

The moral of this entire episode is

You have to build a reputable website in order to expect some natural backs links to flow in. In this respect, a healthy content plays a significant role in enhancing the link profile of a particular website. This is how natural links come in as others would like to link up with you in order to get that link juice which is passed on from one high page ranking site to the other. Your content holds the key to a healthy ranking in SERPs.

For many years now, Google has encouraged webmasters and web owners to build links to rank well in search engines. But post Penguin update, the entire concept of link building has gone through a transformation and today only those links get recognition which are natural and which are not build with the intention of getting ranking. Therefore, fine tune your natural link building strategy for getting to that top 10 ranking in Google.

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