How to Get Index Your New Blog Post Quickly By Google

How to Get Google to Index Your Blog Content Quickly

1. Make Proper Use Of Google Webmaster Tools. Google webmaster provides you some cool and very use full tools. It allows Webmasters to control their whole site indexing and SEO. You can survive with your blog very fastly if you know the proper use of Google Webmaster. There is a option in Google Webmaster which allows you to control your blogs crawl rate and indexing rate. To get your new blog post index fast in Google use “Fetch As Google” option, Fetch your blog post’s URL in Google Webmaster Tools and then submit to index. By doing this you are inviting the Google Bots to visit and index your URL. In this way your post will be indexed very fast in Google.

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2. Interlink To Old Posts Linking to old posts can make your new posts index fast in Google. This method is called interlinking by this Google give priority to your posts which contain links and Search Engine crawl your posts very fast. You can also link your old posts to new posts. Find some related keywords and link to older posts which contain those keywords in the title. This will probably work for you.

3. Share Immediately On Social Media I recommend you to share your new posts as fast as you can on social media. As per my knowledge Google use social media reference to index your new posts. Facebook is world’s #1 website and Google will must give importance to the links in this website. Join some big groups in Facebook and create a group for your website and share your links on that page. Ask your friends to promote your posts further in their community. This will half the index time of your new posts.

4. Send Ping To Search Engines Ping is a service which tells the search engine crawlers that some thing new has been added to your blog and the Search Engines visit your blog that what new has been added. Use some popular ping services to send pings to search engines. i.e Ping-o-Matic, Google Ping or use your desired service. This method works for many bloggers and I hope it will also work for you. These are some tips to Index Your New Blog Post Quickly In Google. And Now it on you, that how you utilize these tips or apply to your blog.If you like this post then don’t forget to share this on social media.

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