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iPhone Application Development Services

We know what makes a great iPhone app. Our versatile team is experienced iPhone application development for a wide variety of business needs as well as more functional iPhone apps. We put you and your ideas first:our dedicated iPhone app development team will work with you to develop a bug free, robust iPhone app tailored to meet your specifications. The incredible success of the iPhone and the Apple App Store has created new and exciting opportunities.

Our iPhone App Development Process

Your iPhone app needs a flawless user interface design, strong database management and of course, robust, bug free code.At the beginning of each project, we work with you to define a solid project plan with definitive project milestones. Clear, open and friendly communication with our clients helps us work faster and more efficiently, therefore meeting the project milestones.

We have strong project management skills, and regardless of your location in the world, we will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process- from the inception, design, development until the final testing and launching of your iPhone app.

Our iPhone app development team works hard to deliver our clients’ iPhone application on schedule. Additionally, we take time to thoroughly understand the vision you have for your iPhone app. Drawing from our rich experience in various categories of iPhone app development, our team of developers will offer suggestions on how best to turn your iPhone app idea into a successful iPhone app.



We begin by figuring out key business objectives and establishing client success metrics and how they will be measured. Based on the client’s needs and requirements, we prioritize tasks to help us manage our goals better. This allows us to understand the nuances of our client’s business and the criteria that are most important for the company’s management and stakeholders to achieve.


We delve into research post-consultancy where we have a clear idea of what we need to determine before we can have a clear idea for app development. This phase involves exploring the clients’ business demographics and what platforms / devices that are most prevalent in their community. We also research competitors and figure out a blue ocean strategy to help the client stand out in the noise.


Based on client discussions and extensive research, we propose a product road map and marketing plan that is both cost-effective and gets the client the biggest bank for their buck, ranging from the usage of recommended 3rd party solutions to effective digital media spend. In addition, we provide access to resources, training and key vendors that can help the client get up and running in no time.

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We begin by understanding your goals, providing feedback and working with you to refine initial concept ideas. At the end of the ideation phase, a preliminary estimate is drafted for the client to evaluate, followed by a detailed statement of work (SOW) document that outlines all your project requirements and specifications.


The design process commences once the project is properly scoped out and the documentation is approved by the client. This stage entails the creation of interface mockups and wireframes that can be sent forward for client feedback after which the project is passed along to meet the next stage of client deliverables.

Alpha Prototype

Based on initial reviews and feedback, a design prototype is created as a key deliverable for Phase 1. This allows the client to gauge the progress of his project in a visually and user friendly manner. The Alpha Prototype along with other milestone document for this phase are crucial in helping to bring life to your project.

Beta Version

The next milestone is the completion of the Beta phase where the front and back end are integrated to create a functional product that can be more easily understood by you. At this point, we bring on board our quality assurance team to test functionality and welcome user feedback to help us tweak the project before public release.


Our industry wide relations with distribution companies can get your campaign jump-started from the get go. Timing is everything, as is access to customers, and we help to ensure that your app is circulated to the right audience, within the relevant timeframe. Ask our account representatives for more information on how to distribute your app.

Post Development Support

From fine tuning the user experience to removing kinks and bugs, we provide different levels of customer support, ranging from quality assurance to after sales service. We believe in being there for our clients from beginning to end, and are happy to assist you at all times. In addition, we also provide hosting packages for your scalability needs.


The Need

A successful app depends not only on the quality of its design and development, but also on how satisfied the final user is with his experience. In order to guarantee a quality product, our team consistently carries out a rigorous quality assurance process, testing both user experience and the code for scalability. App specifications are continuously revised before we deliver a final product and any quality issues that come to light are incorporated immediately to ensure seamless app functionality.


Our QA team primarily focuses on app efficiency and optimizing the user experience for the end consumer. We look at both symptoms and root causes for problems, and our solutions consist of simple fixes such as changes in specifications, to more complex tasks such as software changes. Our team acts as the eye of the customer, carrying out simple functional tests and extensive defect prevention measures, and keeping the end consumer in mind at all times when testing for quality issues.


The end result is a mobile app that not only runs flawlessly, but is able to secure a positive reception from users. We do not wait for user feedback before making relevant changes, but on the other hand, have a proactive approach to ensuring the smooth running of your app. In this way we are able to help you protect your app from a waterfall of negative reviews – one of the biggest deterrents of mobile application downloads. You gain with positive app reviews and we are able to withhold our promise for providing quality service.



Our role as advisers continues past strategy and development to post launch support which includes acquiring pertinent hosting information (or setup the client with a hosting plan if there isn’t one) in order to transfer all the files and IP as well as providing the client training on a CMS (if there is one) so that they can modify the content in their application as they desire. Any questions about launch are answered in this phase as the Project Managers work closely with the client to help them get going.

Build Release

During our initial ideation we break things down into phases of development so developers can recognize what’s important now versus later. After understanding the product roadmap, the developers setup timely sprints that they carry out to get specific features in the product ready. All builds are stored in code repositories such as Github to make product releases and updates a seamless and error-free process.

Debugging Maintenance

Over the years we’ve gathered best practices to help us develop a solid project management methodology that allows our clients to iterate on the product in a risk-free manner while providing updates to the applications thus keeping their mobile application relevant and new in their consumers’ eyes. Although new product releases must be mapped out, our QA crew consistently analyzes all client projects to make sure they are working across the appropriate platforms and devices as intended.

Our Work

Solutions for everyone delivered with pixel perfect quality.

Bus Rage

SEO Higher Ranking was very successful with the development and implementation of Bus Rage. Our client was extremely pleased with the viral aspect of the Facebook Fanpage. The design of the app itself and the ideas of the entire team of Avenue Social made Bus Rage a complete success!

Diet Bet version

For DietBet, this app proved to be significant in aggregating a high amount of users. DietBet’s popularity increased with going mobile and thousands of people downloaded this app on their iPhones, just within a few weeks.


101 Brain Fitness

Application Features

No Internet Connection Needed One touch browse through tips Simple and easy to follow techniques Easy to read fonts


Alphabet in the sea


An original, colorful, animated alphabet song
A set of kid-friendly talking flashcards teaching’your child fun facts about the zoo’s 24 animals and two special magical creatures
A concentration style memory game featuring the zoo’s animals
Recommended age range: ideal for 2 to approximately 5yrs of age and to those of any age, learning the English alphabet
Alphabets in the Zoo was the #1 iPhone App in the education category on the App Store, April 2010, a top-ten education app in over forty countries worldwide, and is downloaded everyday by parents worldwide.


Angry Planes

APP Highlights:

– FREE Version: fully functional so you can take A.P. for a full blown test flight!
– Challenging: Use different strategies to bomb as many enemy squid as possible before time and bombs run out!
– Awesome Visuals: Colorful cartoon-style characters and graphics make gameplay smooth, eye-catching, and fun. Supports Retina Display!
– Game Center Integration: Challenge your friends and climb the ranks of the online leaderboards!
– High Replay Value: Passing with one star doesn’t fly for real A.P. Aces keep playing to achieve 3 Stars on every level!

SEO Higher Ranking offers end-to-end iPhone applications development services, helping you conceptualize, develop, design, deploy and market your iPhone apps.


The Change Agent

Today, every business needs a mobile presence. As iPhone app developers, we see ourselves as agents of change. Businesses need apps that can help them boost brand value and increase profitability. We design and develop personalized iPhone apps that help you adapt to change and achieve specific business targets. Our job is to speedily bring the advantage of cutting-edge mobile technology to our clients.

Device Friendly Apps

No other smartphone has generated as much loyalty as Apple’s iPhone. The iPhone symbolizes perfection, and we see it as our duty to create flawless apps that complement the device. Our iPhone app developers have a firm conceptual grasp of both iOS as well as the iPhone device. Our in-depth understanding of the iPhone enables us to create unique apps that thrive in the iPhone ecosystem.


Inspired Development

There are close to one million iPhone apps on the iTunes Store. We don’t believe in creating just another app that adds to the clutter. We create highly-customized apps that offer unique solutions to our clients. Working within the scope of your concept, we build unique and innovative apps that redefine app development.


Custom Apps

We excel in creating apps on the basis of the specific client requirements. Harnessing cutting-edge features from the latest iOS and iPhone device, we create unique apps that are rich in both design and functionality. We don’t work like an assembly-line machine – every app is, in a sense, hand-crafted by caring and passionate iPhone app developers.

Why choose to work with SEO Higher Ranking?

With a multi-talented and creative team of iPhone app developers, we have built a stellar reputation based on speed, affordability and efficiency. Our iPhone app development team is at ease with working with international clients, and we embrace the challenges that come with every unique iPhone app development project. We dedicate our time and resources to developing high quality, faultless and visually stunning iPhone apps, regardless of the size of the development project.

As a responsible company we ensure that our clients get most benefit from our expertise, skills, knowledge and understanding of the iOS development interface. And we’ll work with you on each step right from conceptualisation to producing the final product, delivering a successful iPhone/iPad application.

Do you have an idea for an iPhone game or app that you want to develop? Talk to one of our consultants to learn more about our app development company or for a free iPhone app development quote. Get in touch with us today for high quality, speedy iPhone app development services.



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