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What is Logo Design?

In the simplest words “a logo is the identity of any company or organization”. It is the symbol or the face of the business. It helps you in branding your business and not only branding but it also plays crucial role in giving the brand identity to your business and company. A logo design is the amalgamation of words, images, different shapes, colors or specific arrangement of shapes that makes a custom logo design which will provide the unique and exclusive personality to your organization.

In a logo design not only words are important that communicates the clear message but also the look of graphics is equally important as it also communicates the and completes the message given by the text used in a custom logo design and that how a brand identity develops which supports the branding or the image of the company in the minds of the existing and potential clients.

So, how a logo should be designed is an important aspect. An effective logo design should have following elements to have a successful branding of the business.


Don’t make your logo looks chaotic. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to leave mark in the minds of the customers and to recognize among thousands of logos. Just choose one object which is relevant and can relate to your organization and do minimum lettering. Go with simple colors and designs like Nike’s Swoosh, Apple’s half bitten Apple and etc.


You can also go with the clear cut lines and shapes to easily target and catch the eyes of your current and potential clients.


Colors are the most vital part of the custom logo design. It plays a fundamental role in communicating about the brand. For example purple is associated with premium and elite brands. Therefore, color association with brands can make or break the image of your company as it has a psychological impact on clients mind.


Try to communicate your message in few words. Lots of text in a logo just annoys the mind. So keep it short, simple and sweet.


Don’t go too hard on fonts. To make a recognizable logo, select clear, bold, easily understandable and less complicated font styles. You don’t want to harass the minds of your customers but you don’t want to establish an unbreakable bond and relationship with them.

Why Small Business Needs a Logo?

Following are the simplest reasons to understand why giving face to your company or custom logo design is important and how it can do wonders for your business.


There are thousands of small businesses just like yours, some might be identical and some might be similar. However, all of them are competitors and has the ability to over shadow you. In such a tough market branding is the only strategy that can save you, make you survive and makes you able to earn profits. Branding, brand identity and logo is an effective combo to boost up your profits, to make you stand out of the massive crowd. A unique logo design or a custom logo design gives your business an exclusive brand identity to your small business in the minds of your existing and potential customers.


A custom logo design not only helps in branding of the business but it is also important to boost the reputation of the business by making it look professional and trustworthy. It helps in building the trust relationship with clients.


A logo turns on the potential clients and attracts them to buy from you or make a business relationship. They know that this company is identifiable, looks professional and gives an image pertaining to the confidence of business on its own expertise and skills.


A customized logo is not only the face of the business but also its language. It communicates the clients what the business is all about and what they believe they are or where they want to reach. Therefore, choosing a logo design is very crucial as it is not only the identity but also the communication tool.


And the most important reason to have a logo is to look different from competitors and to make a new prominent space in the market. So a carefully selected logo design will help you in wining over the potential client and scoring higher from your competitors.


Custom Logo Design Services India – Get Effective Logo Designs

SEO Higher Ranking has laid main emphasis on its core business: logo design service. Having manifold years of experience in churning out affordable and professional logo designs, we move forward hand in hand with success. Our process has been a stand out factor from other logo design companies. Aided with creative logo designers, we brainstorm and storyboard a brand identity for your business, keeping in mind the demographics. Detailed information gathering phase ensures we mirror you idea as it had been incepted in your mind.

Since we started our service years back, the motto has been crystal clear; deliver best logo design solutions with quick turnaround time and at most affordable rates. When you view our packages, the rate list is testament to this company policy. Divided into 3 packages, we know the value of custom solutions especially when it comes to logo designing service, hence the rates.

Filling out the design brief has been made easy by predefined selectable menu and suggestions to guide towards a better deliverance of your idea. Colors, creative and font styles assist the choice. Continuous and consistent support and consultation from our team of experts makes the experience even more enjoyable, which is clearly reflected by our repeat customers. Select a payment mode of convenience and embark upon a entrepreneurial or rebranding journey with confidence.

How we work for Logo Designing


Tell us what you need

Choose from our packages and submit your order along with creative brief.

Get your initial designs

In just 3-5 working days we will email you initial logo designs for your review.

Pick you love the most

After your satisfaction with the revisions we’ll deliver your final logo in just 24 hours.

Need Brand Identity Pack?

Brand yourself with creative & professional logo designs for just $99 only.

Benefits of choosing our Logo Designing Services

  • SEO Higher Ranking is a unique kind of branding company. Working with us will be hassle free and refreshing.
  • SEO Higher Ranking are talented and located in the India  are hard to get hold of these days. We are a great option!
  • Experienced Logo Designers .We have created 100s of logos and corporate identities for companies from around the world.
  • High Quality! We create all custom logo designs. We do not recycle designs or use clip art for our logos.
  • Our company logo creation process is fairly simple. You check out our portfolio and our rates. You then sign up from our website for one of our affordable packages.
  • Our designers are in house unlike the crowd sourcing and contest sites, which means that you will get a 100% original logo that you can be proud of.

Our Recent Works


Cornerstones of our Best Logo Design Services

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

We value time, yours and ours alike. Delivering the committed on promised date is our claim to fame feature. It can come in early, but never late.

100% Satisfaction

Our love for our customers is the point of differentiation. We work till we get two thumbs up from your end. Team SEO Higher Ranking strives to absolute customer satisfaction.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

At SEO Higher Ranking we provide round-the-clock customer support, ensuring end-to-end understanding of requirements as per your draft. You imagine, we refine and churn.


In order to maintain quality of service, we build deeper relations with customer. Laser eye view on accomplishments of the project sets us far from the maddening crowd.

Cost Effective Logo Design Pricing and Packages

Basic package

  • 5 Logo Design Ideas
  • Ultimate Revisions on one of chosen style
  • Unlimited Colors Options
  • 100% Original Idea
  • Web ready File Format
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Silver package

  • 10 Logo Design Ideas
  • Ultimate Revisions on one of chosen style
  • Unlimited Colors Options
  • 100% Original Idea
  • 48 Hours Turnaround Time
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Gold package

  • 20 Logo Design Ideas
  • Ultimate Revisions on one of chosen style
  • Unlimited Colors Options
  • 100% Original Idea
  • 48 Hours Turnaround Time
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