Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your E-commerce Site

There has been observed a considerable boom in the e-commerce business enterprises as more and more number of people is relying on the internet for buying different products. Many great names are related to the e-commerce online business and using WordPress plugins one can create a user friendly e-commerce site for the business easily.

The WordPress considers a plugin as a program or a set of one or more functions that is written in the PHP scripting language. It adds a specific set of services or features to any of the WordPress blog


These plugins help in extending the functionality of the blog in the best possible way. So, let us have a look at some of the important WordPress plugins listed down that helps developers in designing user friendly sites:

Have a Look on Must Have E-Commerce WordPress Plugins

  • Login Protection:

    The login protection plugins stop the hacker’s dead in their tracks and protects the website in becoming nasty if the website is not properly protected. One has a limited number of login attempts that people could try to login before being unlocked while notifying webmasters regarding suspicious activities.

  • Social Bookmarking Plugin:

    Social bookmarking plugin allows the visitors for spreading the contents on different social media. Sharebar being a powerful toolbar adds a set of floating buttons to the site.

  • Cache Plugin:

    The cache plugin is used for increasing the site speed while preventing the server overload. These are used by top web portals while offering maximum improvement in the site performance.

  • URL Management:

    The URL Management plugins are responsible for redirecting the old URLs to the new ones (301) while keeping track of outgoing links. A 301 redirection is automatically added whenever the URL of any post is changed.

  • SEO Plugin:

    SEO Plugin helps in optimizing the tags, site structure as well as many more things in order to make website more search engine friendly. This also helps in improving the site rankings.

  • Maintenance Plugin:

    Majority of the webmasters needs sufficient time in maintaining their web properties and so the maintenance plugin is required. The Vault Press service helps in maintaining WordPress sites for webmasters.

  • Anti Spam Plugin:

    The Anti Spam plugins blocks the spam messages. It is a free service for the personal sites that helps in keeping the spammers at the bay while checking the comments of web service to identify the spam.

  • Backup Plugin:

    WordPress offers Backup plugin that helps in creating regular backups which is like having life insurance. This takes backup of WordPress export files, databases as well as files to the cloud, e-mail or local host.

  • Comment System: Having a sophisticated comm

    ent system helps in engaging a number of visitors in the community. The powerful comment moderation tools would help in enhancing the comments with different social/video sharing options and other things.

  • Contact Plugin:

    Contact plugin helps in adding contact forms to the website, while providing the visitors a convenient way for contacting each other. Being a customizable plugin, I can handle multiple contact forms.

  • Security Analysis:

    These plugins help in identifying as well as notifying about the security threats. The common security techniques help in patching up many of the holes in just a single shot.

  • Plugin Bundles:

    The Plugin Bundle offers multiple tools in just single package. JetPack is a plugin toolset that includes different WordPress stats, sharing tools, Twitter widget, short links as well as short codes. Thus, these were some of the popular WordPress plugins that helps in any of the e-commerce business in getting successful.

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