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Online Brand Reputation Monitoring and Management

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What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online brand reputation always contributes to your success. The effects of a strong brand presence that users can easily connect to and rely on yields long term results. However, a bad reputation can hamper your business prospects and discourages your customers from purchasing or trusting your services or products. If your business is struggling with a bad image, SEO Higher Ranking is ready and able to regain your brand reputation.

We offer you a whole range of custom branding solutions to monitor, protect and revive your corporate reputation online. We assure you an improvement in brand reputation through the removal of negative listings in the search engines. Our strategy is built around a combination of brand reputation monitoring and brand management that helps repair your damaged reputation in the fastest way possible. We prevent detrimental sources like negative feedback in blogs, negative postings, bad testimonials in online forums, fake claims and product reviews from contributing to your image negatively.

Our strategy of Online Reputation Management Service

Our brand reputation monitoring service is based on the concept of placing your business in a favorable position in search engines. We are able to help you maintain and/or achieve a strong brand presence, with a mixture of Social Media marketing Optimization and advanced Search Engine Optimization. Using our custom techniques, you can be visible to your customers as well as presenting them with a strong brand.

Our Brand Reputation Monitoring Tools

When a customer Googles your business or your niche keyword, what does he find? If negative comments in a forum or on a blog are found on page one of the search engine results, your company’s online reputation will be harmed, even when those comments are unfounded.

If you find negative comments, be honest and transparent, but respond. If the comment lacks merit, provide the truth and move on. Then, do what you can through your marketing efforts to get your pages listed higher in Google than the negative comment. This is online reputation management – ensuring that the first page of Google results for your business displays only positive reflections on your business which help to remove negative information from Google on the first pages.

The best way to deal with those comments and any form of negative publicity is to simply push those results down in the search engines so they show up past page one or two. Statistics show that most Internet users do not surf past page one, and if they do, they distrust the results slightly. To the average Internet user, the first page carries the most important information, so you need to ensure that what they see one page one is positive.

So how do you do this? That is where SEO Higher Ranking comes into the picture. Our ORM services will help you to bury the negative publicity in the results pages. SEO Higher Ranking offers reputation management services for small businesses and individuals who are seeking help managing their reputation online.

Benefits of Our Brand Reputation Monitoring Service

  • Locating misspelling or misuse of your brand name across the Internet
  • Monitoring the quality of websites linking back to your company URL
  • Monitor your company service or product details online
  • Creating alerts to instantly know where and when your brand name is being used
  • Using popular blog sites to monitor the performance of your brand in blogs
  • Brand tracking through customized RSS feeds
  • Tracking for your brand names and that of high profile employees
  • Monitoring relevant sites to your industry

Services Included in Our Online Reputation Management

  • Finding the exact cause of your negative reputation
  • Listing blogs, websites and social media sites appearing high on search result pages for your business related keywords
  • Optimizing multiple micro sites, creating social profiles and promoting brand on media sites and blogs
  • Actively participating in online forums, blogs and social networks relevant to your business
  • Social media management
  • Brand profile linking
  • RSS feeds

Reputation Management Services – Our Key Features

  • Proven reputation management strategies
  • Advanced strategies to produce quick results
  • Works perfectly well for emergency reputation crisis situations
  • Helpful in building positive brand reputation
  • Reputation management at affordable prices

FAQ of Our Reputation Management Services

Will you be able to push down the negative feedbacks about my brand from the Google results?

Yes, when you hire our reputation management services we will make sure that all the negative feedbacks are pushed down from Google results. .

Does your reputation management service make use of dependable reputation management strategies?

Yes, all the strategies we use are very dependable. We have been in this industry for several years and we know what works and what doesn’t in a given crisis situation. We therefore help you get quick results by using the right reputation management strategies at the right time.

Will you be able to improve my brand image online?

Yes, our reputation management services will help you improve your brand image online. We will create very positive image about your brand using various strategies and improve your sales level.

Will I be facing problems with the search engines in any way when I hire your reputation management service?

No, you will not face any problems with the search engines when you hire our reputation management solutions. We use only the safest strategies and you will certainly see very positive results by hiring our service.

What are the costs involved in hiring your reputation management services?

Our SEO Consultants will review your requirements and based on the efforts required to restore your brand name we will give you a quote. This will help you just pay for what you need and not pay a random package price. You can however be sure that our prices are very competitive by industry standards.


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