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As a business person, you are well aware that brands are very important in the success and failure of any business. You understand that it’s cheaper and easier to gain repeat business from a satisfied client than it is to gain business from a completely new client. You probably also understand that a positive reputation breeds trust, confidence, and sales, which ultimately results in revenue growth and profitability. To this end, you are probably encouraging your clients to refer their friends and family. As you know, these potential new clients are much more likely to come to you when they’ve heard good things about you from a third party source. So, why are you not putting in the same amount of effort to managing your online reputation as you are your day to day reputation?


Why Online Reputation Management is Important ?

Negative reviews are damaging to your reputation, not only in the eyes of current clients, but potential new clients as well. In today’s world, your online reputation is just as important, if not more so than your day-to-day reputation. Consumers use the Internet to do their research, read reviews, and get opinions from other people before deciding to buy almost anything. The bigger the purchase, the more likely they are to do their homework. If negative reviews about your brand show up in their search, whether or not there is any merit to the review, it could be detrimental to your client base thereby leading to a reduction in revenue and profits. While it is important to take these reviews and improve your business wherever applicable, it is also just as important to protect your online reputation and make sure it is displayed in the right light for those who might be searching the web for you.


What can our Online Reputation Management (ORM) company do for your online business?

Our expertise and knowledge of Online Brand reputation management services  have allowed us to develop a sure process to manage your online reputation, which pushes negative reviews down to Page 2 and 3 of Google within 3 to 4 months. Since most people using the Internet rarely ever go past the first page, this allows you to hide the negative review from clients who are searching the web for you!

Of course, just because you currently don’t see negative reviews for your business out there, doesn’t meant you shouldn’t use preventative measures to minimize chances of your online reputation being ruined. Information on the Internet changes everyday and at a very fast pace. Get our expert advice on managing your online reputation.

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Clean up your search results

Clean up your search results

We’ll suppress inaccurate or misleading links from your top search results.

Control your content

We’ll create the high-quality webpages that people see first when they Google you.

Protect your private data

We’ll automatically block databases and websites from releasing your private, personal data.

Make you stand out:

Make you stand out:

We’ll establish your distinct online presence and help you stand out among others who share your name.

Benefits of our Online Branding Reputation Monitoring Company

  • Locating misspelling or misuse of your brand name across the Internet
  • Monitoring the quality of websites linking back to your company URL
  • Monitor your company service or product details online
  • Creating alerts to instantly know where and when your brand name is being used
  • Using popular blog sites to monitor the performance of your brand in blogs
  • Brand tracking through customized RSS feeds
  • Tracking for your brand names and that of high profile employees
  • Monitoring relevant sites to your industry

Services Included in Our Online Reputation Management

  • Finding the exact cause of your negative reputation
  • Listing blogs, websites and social media sites appearing high on search result pages for your business related keywords
  • Optimizing multiple micro sites, creating social profiles and promoting brand on media sites and blogs
  • Actively participating in online forums, blogs and social networks relevant to your business
  • Social media management
  • Brand profile linking
  • RSS feeds

How Online Reputation Management Works ?

Since it is nearly impossible to remove rip off reports, how do we fix your bad reviews? Fixing bad reviews is basically achieved through a complex process called search engine reputation management. Specifically at SEO Higher Ranking, we manage your online reputation by tackling five key tasks:

1. Develop Content

Content development is the number one secret to keeping your brand on the forefront. At our online reputation company, we have experts writers on staff, all with degrees in Literature. These writers are trained in SEO copy-writing and marketing copy-writing. Our writers will develop content that will be used to establish you as an expert in our field. The more content that is distributed for your brand and your industry, the better your online reputation becomes.

2. Manage Public Relations

In addition to developing content for your website and blogs, we’ll also be drafting and distributing press releases, by-lined articles, and case studies to ensure third party validation in our efforts. 

3. Build Web Authority

Building web authority, also known as link building, is a vital part of the entire online reputation management process. Building web authority for sites turns them into popular websites that people frequent more often due to its merit. First we line up all of the target webpages in the order we want them to show up on page 1 of Google (the number one online search engine), then we build authority for them. We have link-building technicians on staff that specialize in researching third party sites that are relevant to your business. Then they reach out to the webmasters and request link placement on these sites.

4. Develop Secondary Web Properties

Our team of web designers and developers will deliver up to 3 secondary web properties (blogs, articles and press release) for you. These are typically blogs that cover topics which are unique and relevant to your business / industry. They act as buffers to ensure your brand’s reputation on the first page of Google, is what you want consumers to see. (These properties are YOURs to keep whether or not you choose to continue our services.)

5. Optimize Search Engine Results

In conjunction with the above tasks, search engine optimization is another crucial step in the search engine reputation management process. As the number one requested service in our business, we will be providing you with on-page and off-page SEO for your current website and any secondary websites that we develop for you. This important step does two things simultaneously:

  • It will place your current website higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for keywords that are most likely to bring you new clients and increase profits.
  • It also solidifies our SERM work to make sure that any negative reviews you have don’t surface back up to page 1 in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of our Reputation Management Services

Will you be able to push down the negative feedbacks about my brand from the Google results?

Yes, when you hire our reputation management services we will make sure that all the negative feedbacks are pushed down from Google results. .

Does your reputation management service make use of dependable reputation management strategies?

Yes, all the strategies we use are very dependable. We have been in this industry for several years and we know what works and what doesn’t in a given crisis situation. We therefore help you get quick results by using the right reputation management strategies at the right time.

Will you be able to improve my brand image online?

Yes, our reputation management services will help you improve your brand image online. We will create very positive image about your brand using various strategies and improve your sales level.

Will I be facing problems with the search engines in any way when I hire your reputation management service?

No, you will not face any problems with the search engines when you hire our reputation management solutions. We use only the safest strategies and you will certainly see very positive results by hiring our service.

What are the costs involved in hiring your reputation management services?

Our SEO Consultants will review your requirements and based on the efforts required to restore your brand name we will give you a quote. This will help you just pay for what you need and not pay a random package price. You can however be sure that our prices are very competitive by industry standards.

In order to gain a more in depth understanding of the process and see how it can benefit you specifically, call us at 1-646-948-8021 for a free online marketing consultation.

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