Our SEO Process

Detail Overview of Our Actionable SEO Techniques And Strong SEO Strategy For Your Brand

Our Working SEO Strategy

We are highly dedicated to provide result oriented optimization, thus we offer relaxed or expert friendly working strategy. This approach makes our expert more concentrate towards results and focused over result oriented and quality SEO workflow.

–    To make quality work and results, we target only 3 keywords per month.

–     Initially our concern will be to optimize home page and we will try to get ranking of home page. Once we get it, we will move to further pages and work for them to get ranking easily.

–     We mentioned 10 keywords for 6 months in our Basic Plan, but we work on several supporting keywords as well. This approach helps us to get rank in SERP(Google).

 SEO HIGHER RANKING ’s SEO process follows the five-phase below. Each phase represents a different stage in the optimization process that will put the site in a position of strength when competing in Google’s SERPs.

1.Technical SEO Audit

The first optimization element in any SEO campaign is the technical audit of the website. We will make sure that the site’s pages, its information architecture and its content taxonomy are conducive for search engine bot crawls.

The following tasks will be performed to attain a high level of on-site optimization:

  1. Title tag audit
  2. Meta description audit
  3. Anchor text audit
  4. Internal linking audit
  5. Duplicate content audit
  6. Weak/thin content page audit
  7. Crawl error audit
  8. Sitemap check
  9. txt validation
  10. Authoring markup and schema implementation
  11. Link profile analysis

2. Online Branding Enhancement

Branding is an integral part in the current age of Google’s algorithms. A strong brand is a hefty trust signal for search engines, making websites that invest in this aspect of online marketing stronger in search results.

Branding can be reinforced  using the following methods:

  1. Local directory listings and citations
  2. Creation of social media brand pages (*)
  3. Graphical assets

3.Content Development

 The idea is to create a diverse set of content assets that will be used in strategic Internet locations for more reach.

 Content creation is now more important than ever in SEO and online marketing. Google’s search algorithms are now advanced enough to identify and reward original, fresh and high-quality content. The websites that are able to understand and apply this principle are the ones that end up succeeding in the rankings. The more content produces and the higher its quality, the more traffic it will attract from Google as a result.

SEO Higher Ranking will help develop content with the following tasks:

Keyword mapping – Identification of keywords that the site is campaigning for and other terms that bear a strong degree of relevance to those keywords.

Content Brainstorming Sessions – Taking the mapped keywords and creating topics out of keywords that will serve as the basis for the content. We will focus efforts on creating timeless or “evergreen” content which will receive traffic for years.

Editorial Calendar Creation – Identification, prioritization and plotting of content to be published.

Content Expansion– Taking the essence of the content and using it to produce more than just articles. For instance, an article’s outline can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation that can be uploaded to SlideShare. The same presentation can be voiced over and converted to video for uploading in YouTube.

Content Promotion

Content will serve no traffic and SEO benefits if it only sits in the website and goes unnoticed. To gain valuable, natural backlinks, incremental click-through traffic and brand recognition, the content has to go through a promotion process.

Below are the ways in which we can distribute and popularize our content online:

  1. Guest posting in relevant blogs
  2. Press release distribution via newswires
  3. Posting of decks in SlideShare
  4. Posting of videos in YouTube (*)
  5. Posting content snippets and images on Facebook and Twitter to promote blog posts.
  6. Collaborations – working with industry peers in thought leadership efforts



At the end of each monthly campaign cycle, we will use Google Analytics to measure and improve the following key performance indicators:

  • Search engine rankings
  • Search engine traffic
  • Domain authority growth
  • Top traffic-driving keywords
  • Top traffic-receiving pages
  • Conversion funnel drop-off points

5.Task Timeline

 For the first seven workdays, SEO HIGHER RANKING will perform a full SEO audit and on-page optimization for your brand.


In order to perform its role successfully, SEO HIGHER RANKING will rely on client to provide the following:

  1. A monthly retainer fee of $XXXX
  2. Support from your web development team
  3. Access to Google Analytics data
  4. Access to Google Webmaster Tools account
  5. Access to requested revenue figures
  6. Consultation time with subject matter experts in your organization
  7. Support from client side

Recommended SEO Actions

 SEO HIGHER RANKING recommends the following actions to enhance the good rankings of targeting keywords:

  1. Fix Technical Issues – SEO HIGHER RANKING will make sure that the site’s current technical state allows search engine bots to crawl public-facing pages freely is an integral aspect of SEO. SEO HIGHER RANKING will address areas such as crawl errors, internal linking, sitemap creation, etc. to make sure crawls run smoothly and internal link equity is properly distributed.
  2. Start a Blog – A blog allows [Prospect’s site name] to target more keywords, constantly create fresh content and attract off-page ranking signals. Blogging will be an integral part of the site’s content marketing strategy.
  3. Build Up the Link Profile – Inbound links from relevant, high quality websites will help maximize the website’s ranking potential. SEO HIGHER RANKING will use a variety of tactics to encourage authority sites to link to [prospect site’s name]’s pages.
  4. Capitalize on Video, Audio and Slideshows – Text content and link building are not enough to guarantee success in today’s search engine optimization landscape. Google’s algorithms tend to reward websites that look like legitimate brands and rich media is a good way to capitalize on this. Posting YouTube videos and Slideshare presentations is a great way to expand brand awareness and attract more visitors to the website.
  5. Build Up Author Rank – Search engines are leaning towards recognizing the work of credible authors and rewarding the pages with their markups. [Prospect site’s name]’s blogging persona needs to create a Google+ account, link it with the website and trigger the Google Authorship Markup feature so the search engine can track the writer’s body of work.

 Our  SEO  Goals

  • Drive targeted search engine traffic through better positioning in Google’s SERPs
  • Overtake competing business websites in SERPs to gain a larger share of the market
  • Increase conversions from search engine traffic

Our Featured Projects

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