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What is Google Adsence - Pay per Click ?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising formula used on search engines where a promoter just pays when a user actually clicks on an ad to analysis the promoter’s website. With PPC you can effortlessly amend pay-per-click campaigns in few hours or days. Moreover, it permits you to take total control of your advertising expenses because with pay-per-click advertising you can simply mark your ads to new customers who are more interested in your products and services. Being realistic in nature and suitable for all businesses, in spite of their size, PPC generate an ideal platform for small businesses. The most interesting part of PPC is that your ad can be right above or below a large business or national chain, depending on how effectively and how much you bid for keywords or phrases. It provides the flexibility to decide your own budget. Depending and deciding on how much you want to spend and what kind of leads you want to make, you can calculate and then set your budget as much as you like.

PPC Services Company in Delhi

As the name suggests, we are providing PPC services or Pay Per Click Advertising services in Delhi, NCR for your site to increase your rank in the search results page. We also outsource PPC Services in order to expand our horizon in terms of services and functionality. PPC Services are important factor for enhancing the presence of your website through Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why we are Best PPC Company in Delhi,NCR

At SEO Higher Ranking we deliver highly effective online PPC advertising solutions in Delhi.We organize pay per click advertising campaigns, select the accurate keywords, and enable our clients in setting up the right bid. After submitting the PPC campaign to search engines, we keep a constant monitoring to make relevant changes so that it is never beyond your budget.

Our pay per click management service in Delhi is designed to help you achieve your desired online marketing goals, whether it is to get a top position in search engines for a particular search query, cut your cost per click, target more prospective traffic, or generally enhance your online visibility. Every activity of our pay per click campaign management is managed and monitored with great care.

Our team of PPC management services in Delhi, NCR will also make sure no sort of click fraud is being used on your pay per click advertising campaign. When we outsource PPC services, equal care is taken to ensure facilitating the customers with the best services.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising Services in Delhi?

  • Small Capital Investment
  • Realistic for all businesses, regardless of size
  • Instant results
  • Branding
  • Targeted traffic
  • Site architectural independence


Given below are the PPC  services in Delhi we offer in order to ensure that your PPC campaign is a runaway success

Detail analysis of your website: 

We perform a complete detail analysis of your website and PPC needs and based on this study and your requirement, we then determine the target markets and your competitors.

Determine your PPC objective and decide your budget: 

Now once we have a detail analysis of your website, we then determine the objective of your PPC campaign depending upon the service you want to promote through PPC ads. Since budget plays a vital role in any campaign, therefore depending upon your financial resources we also assist you in deciding and planning your budget.

Proper and effective research and selection of keyword: 

As you know keyword plays a vital role in the foundation of effective PPC advertising, therefore we perform an extensive analysis of your and your competitors’ website and offer with a record of effective keywords. Apart from this we also make the best use of PPC search engines keyword tools and other relevant proprietary software to further develop a comprehensive list of keywords.

Bid Management:

PPC campaign is the entire game of well planned bid management. We are one of the few names in this industry to a highly skilled team who is capable enough to manage your bids and make sure you maintain a high position. We closely monitor and analysis your bid amount and that of your competitors every day in order to make the essential changes consequently. We analyze the bids, and as per our observation increase and decrease the bid amount as per your budget and overall ROI.

Monitor and evaluate all of your Ads: 

We also observe your ads on a daily routine and analyze their performance. On a daily base routine, we examine the number of clicks your ads receives and how many of them are converted into buyers. In addition to this our team recognizes keywords that are utilized most often by searchers and that drive targeted traffic.

Weekly Campaign Progress Reports:  

We are also one of the few names in this industry, to offer you weekly campaign progress report. At SEO Higher Ranking, our team reviews your PPC campaign on parameters like: Total number of Clicks, Total number of conversions and Cost per conversion. 

Our PPC Process

Campaign auditing

Naturally, the first step in our role as a PPC agency is to audit your current campaign and the performance of your competitors.

We examine your Click Through Rates, Conversion Rates, Quality Score, Cost Per Acquisition and spend to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Campaign building

Now we get down to detail. In a thorough analysis of your keywords and ads, we determine how profitable they are, how profitable they can be and how relevant they are to one another.

Optimised keyword and ad groups mean increased CTR and conversions.

Bid management

We monitor every aspect of your campaign to make sure that you’re not overspending on a single keyword across the board.

The sole focus of our approach to PPC is to retain your market share without over-bidding on your target keywords. It’s that simple.

Tracking and testing

We’re all about continuous optimisation, so we track and test every aspect of every stage of your campaign to make every penny count.

We don’t just A/B test your ads; we also split test your landing pages to make sure that your conversion rate is at an optimum level.

Striking Benefits of Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in Delhi NCR

  • Simply put, we deliver results and we get there by applying a logical and methodical business-focused strategy in order to immediately have an impact on ROI.
  • We use the best tools out there to research your competitors and market place, so our campaigns offer your customers something much more unique and appealing.
  • We’ve worked within the most competitive industries out there and delivered top results for our clients, regardless of the competition.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.