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What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Management ?

If you’re looking to begin a new Pay Per Click campaign, or wish to improve your current strategy, then get in touch with us today. As a leading PPC agency in Cambridge providing PPC Management services to clients of all shapes and sizes, within a vast range of industries across the Delhi, we’re more than equipped to help.

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. PPC is a form of advertising across many platforms; including, but not limited to: Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How PPC Works

The way PPC works is similar to that of an auction – you bid on what are called ‘keywords’ (essentially search phrases which potential customers might enter in to their search engine) and tell the search engine how much you are willing to pay to appear in a particular position on the page. You are then competing against other companies who want to appear on the page for the same keywords.

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We will work with you to document a strategy, pinpointing yours goals and requirements. We will then determine the best platform to begin and manage your campaign. If you’re not fully switched on, your PPC budget can be swallowed up very quickly. 

Taking into consideration that a vast majority of Google’s revenue relies on AdWords, they like you to spend your money as quickly as possible, and it certainly isn’t difficult to waste money! As a leading PPC company in Delhi, it is our job to make sure the money you are spending is going to achieve a healthy return on investment; that means setting the right bids, designing the most appealing ad copy, optimising the landing page experience, selecting and negating the most appropriate keywords and many other tasks to make your Pay Per Click campaign a money making machine for you.

Our PPC Process

Campaign auditing

Naturally, the first step in our role as a PPC agency in Delhi is to audit your current campaign and the performance of your competitors.

We examine your Click Through Rates, Conversion Rates, Quality Score, Cost Per Acquisition and spend to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Campaign building

Now we get down to detail. In a thorough analysis of your keywords and ads, we determine how profitable they are, how profitable they can be and how relevant they are to one another.

Optimised keyword and ad groups mean increased CTR and conversions.

Bid management

We monitor every aspect of your campaign to make sure that you’re not overspending on a single keyword across the board.

The sole focus of our approach to PPC is to retain your market share without over-bidding on your target keywords. It’s that simple.

Tracking and testing

We’re all about continuous optimisation, so we track and test every aspect of every stage of your campaign to make every penny count.

We don’t just A/B test your ads; we also split test your landing pages to make sure that your conversion rate is at an optimum level.

Striking Benefits of Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Services in Delhi NCR

  • Simply put, we deliver results and we get there by applying a logical and methodical business-focused strategy in order to immediately have an impact on ROI.
  • We use the best tools out there to research your competitors and market place, so our campaigns offer your customers something much more unique and appealing.
  • We’ve worked within the most competitive industries out there and delivered top results for our clients, regardless of the competition.

How can SEO Higher Ranking measure PPC Performance?

The beauty around most forms of digital marketing is that it is fully quantifiable; this is no different with PPC advertising. We will work with you to determine goals and can also link these with Google Analytics, meaning your PPC campaign can be integrated within your other digital marketing channels. Performance can be measured through a number of routes; from phone enquires to email enquiries, and from online sales to online enquiries. As your PPC company, our performance will be measured reflective to the success of your campaign, thus it is within our interest to ensure that your campaigns perform the best they possibly can.

Why are our PPC Campaign so successful?

How our PPC campaign works: Our whole PPC campaign is based around you and your company. We work closely with you to establish your business wants and how to reach your customers. Our PPC superheroes know they’re stuff, and together with your business knowledge we will make the strongest superhero team! Our simple steps for successful PPC:

PPC Strategy

We ensure every new PPC campaign starts off on a solid foundation. With a detailed research and analysis stage focusing on potential keywords and competitors and we use super powered PPC tools to create a complete strategy for your PPC campaign. Successful PPC advertising is all about the right keywords.

PPC Optimisation

Once the account is set up (or initially optimised if you have an account already) the work doesn’t stop there! PPC advertising is all about optimisation and development therefore we work to continually find what is working, what is not and how to improve the performance.

PPC Expansion

Static PPC campaigns are a recipe for disaster! Our PPC Experts work to expand the campaigns where possible to find the new niche in your market, researching new relevant areas and ultimately getting you the best performance for your budget!

PPC Campaign Reporting

Within our PPC management process we include a full monthly report with visibility of work done, performance of the campaigns and recommendations on how best to develop the account. The whole process is about visibility and transparency; we want you to know where your budget is being spent and work together to get more from your investment!

A leading PPC management company in Delhi

It is our mission to ensure your budget gains the maximum return on investment from whichever platform you use.

  •  In-depth keyword research & competitor analysis
      Dedicated account manager
      Google Adwords Certified Partner
      Consistent refinement to constantly maximise performance
      You can see our office as an extension of your own team
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As your PPC Agency in Delhi we are dedicated to getting you results. We can work with you to help you define goals and objectives.


We strive to ensure that your Pay Per Click campaigns work as hard as they can and gain maximum return on investment.


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