Why You Should Consider Becoming a Private Label SEO Reseller

What is an SEO Reseller?

An SEO reseller is someone who partners with an SEO firm in an agreement to buy their services and resell them to their own clients at a higher price. Hence, the SEO reseller doesn’t actually need to know anything about SEO themselves. The types of firms that are positioned to benefit most from this type of arrangement are those that are already operating in some type of online services industry. They are the types of firms that have clients that already need SEO services. By becoming an SEO reseller, these firms can bundle professionally-developed SEO services with the services that they already offer.



The Basic Structure of White Label SEO Reseller Programs

While many newcomers to the world of search engine optimization and online marketing overall can have a hard time differentiating between the different types of SEO – let alone the many varieties of SEO reseller programs – the truth is there are limited options when it comes to SEO reseller programs, but that, within each option lies the possibility for much greater and much more specifically tailored accommodations that can be rearranged and customized to meet the individual needs of a company or a brand.

So, the basic defining characteristic of what we like to call white label SEO reseller programs – also known as private-label SEO in many circles – is the fact that the provider of the actual SEO services (the one doing the work, to whom all the SEO services are outsourced) is hidden from view of the client.

This means that all of the work done by the provider is thought of as being completed by the SEO reseller, because the client doesn’t know that the SEO reseller is in fact a reseller at all – and not performing the work but simply selling the work of others. This of course has several advantages, and it’s the reason why white label SEO has become everyone’s new favorite SEO reseller program model.


Why Should I Consider Participating in an SEO Reseller Program?

If you want to begin benefiting from additional profits without having to invest in learning how to do SEO and hiring additional staff, an SEO reseller program could be the right thing for you. Through an SEO reseller program, you become the reseller for SEO services that are provided by a third party like 180Fusion. Our services would be made available to you at an attractive rate which would allow you to profit from a mark-up when you resell SEO services to your own clients. This partnership is mutually beneficial to both parties because the SEO provider gets their services marketed to a whole new list of clients while the reseller essentially benefits by referring clients over.  

Do my clients need SEO services?

If you operate in the online services industry, the answer, most likely, is yes. You may be a web developer, provide hosting services, or provide assistance for ecommerce in a variety of different ways. In any case, you probably do business with individuals that need their websites to be more visible. If they know they have the need for SEO services or you believe that you could effectively sell them on SEO services, then an SEO reseller program might be right for you.

Do you have the capability to develop SEO services in-house?

 If you already know a little bit about SEO, it’s possible that you could develop SEO services in-house. You would face additional costs of hiring staff and developing the products. If you don’t want to incur the costs of developing your own SEO products, an SEO reseller program might be right for you. In addition to offering SEO, a third party can create custom reports for your clients which you can simply forward on to them. Your clients will get a professional level of service and your company will get all of the credit. It’s often easier to just pay a monthly fee than to invest in developing your own SEO platform from the ground up.

What are the Benefits of SEO Reseller Program ?


Increased profitability is one major benefit. Everyone that does business online really needs high quality SEO services in order to be successful. By reselling these services at a premium, SEO resellers profit on the difference between the cost they pay for the services and the price that they charge their clients. But there are also intangible elements involved that could increase profitability in the long run. By offering a wider array of services to their clients, the firms that resell SEO services appear to be able to offer much more to their clients. If they already have great marketing techniques, reselling SEO services to an extensive client list won’t be much of a challenge. In the long run, a business that is able to offer more to their clients will prosper and attract new clients.

How to become an SEO Reseller through Strategic Partnership

Here’s how it works. The SEO reseller enters into an agreement with the SEO service provider. The SEO provider agrees to provide SEO services at a discounted price to the reseller. The reseller is then able to apply their own markup and usually (in the case of private label or white label SEO) rebrand the product in whatever way they want to. They then resell the SEO services to their own clients, benefiting from the markup between cost paid and price charged with no additional hiring costs.

Becoming a reseller is a great way to capture additional profits at low cost and provide a great product for which demand is continually growing. Partnering with the right SEO provider is extremely important. It would be a good idea to check out the company’s track record including reviews from former and current clients. It also would be wise to try their SEO services on your own sites for a while to see what type of rankings can be achieved.

For SEO Resellers, it is important to find the right customers to sell to. If you already have a base of clients that are interested in internet marketing you can start there. Becoming part of an SEO reseller program, will making finding new clients much easier because you can offer them more. SEO services are now in more demand than ever before and your business can play an important role in the industry by becoming an SEO reseller.

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