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    Social Media Optimization

    Social media has totally changed the way people do business. Millions of users spend hours on several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and more. Your targeted customers are going social, and this is the reason why you should be.

    Social Media Consultant: Full Service Social Media Agency in India

    When we hear the term “social media” our minds right away head towards Facebook and Twitter. They are the most popular social media platforms out there right now but did you know there are others that could be more effective for your business. It is important to find the right social platform that enables you to connect with your customers. Our social media management service is designed to save you time and keep you in control of your messages from various social media networks. Our objective is to simplify the handling of the social media platforms so that you are able to meet your challenges and key business goals.We devise and implement a custom social media strategy that guarantees social growth and conversion. We utilize all the social platforms to generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish online presence. The Social Media Marketing efforts being offered at SEO Higher Ranking will help propel and grow your brand on social media sites. We help you tap the right clientele, by providing the tailor made social media optimization (SMO) efforts that suits to your clients demographic profile and geographic location. Moreover, we help you share content across the social web for promoting your business and make a buzz around your brand.


    How Our Social Media Management Services Can Help 

    As part of our social media management service we offer help and guidance with the following: Social Consultancy – Our team will develop a solid social marketing strategy based upon your business goals. Even if you have an in-house team, we’ll assist them with guidance on how to build a better social marketing strategy with the aim of enhancing social presence.  Brand Management Services – We will help in securing the most appropriate usernames and profiles for your business. Your business and your brand is very important therefore our marketing team will always help in protecting your brands image on all social platforms.

    Engaging Discussion – Our social marketing team will write creative, engaging posts and updates that can be shared across all the popular social platforms. 

    Social Media Monitoring – We will check and monitor all the social platforms to see who’s talking about your business and brand, what they are saying about you and whether if its impacts your business positively or not. 

    Social Media PPC – With the emergence of LinkedIn ads, Facebook sponsored ads, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest, we can directly target your social audience to get the best value for your money and generate good interest for the new product. 

    Social Reporting and Analysis – Our team will help in analysing and reporting all the activities undertaken across all the marketing platforms online.

    Our Social Media Monitoring Services

    SEO Higher Ranking is your business partner that reveals your brand’s position in the market using enhanced technology.What is the grape wine flowing through social media networking websites about your business? Indirectly the question is to justify the ROI on viral marketing techniques. If people are into discussions, no matter positive or negative as both are enhancing the brand recognition either for the sake of improvement or to increase the supply to cater the increasing demand, that proves that the online marketing strategies are reaping the fruits. Gossips around the World Wide Web through different social media channels like blogging, video hang outs, chatting, press releases, forum discussions, updates on networking sites, etc define your brand from the perspective of users. The expert SMO Company India is a detective that keeps a keen watch over each user’s activity for or against your brand. In technical terms we are the expert social media monitoring company that stores the user’s discernment about an organization at one destination using various tools. Our customized social media monitoring software equips us to track the customer opinion about your brand accurately. Once you win the insight for consumer behavior that means you have achieved victory over the market. We are the leading social media consultants that monitor the real time activity of worldwide population with respect to your brand. What do we accomplish for you under the umbrella of Social Media Monitoring is as follows:

    • Consumer Demographics: The population mix is referred to consumer demographics. The statistics of gender, age, region, religion, literacy rate and profession are available with us to understand the target market accurately.
    • Consumer Behavior: Our research and development department has an edge over consumer behavior which can precisely predict the threshold as well as conditioned behavior of potential customers over the time. Follow up: Like Tom & Jerry animation we catch hold of each discussion about your brand in the market.
    • Reviews: We examine the product reviews and the corresponding comments to know your exact position in the marketplace. Analyzing Competitors: Our third eye for competitor’s limitations & threats help us to bring your brand in the limelight
    • Real Time Activity: Our intelligence system can accurately tell you the real time activities of users in your brand.
    • User based Strategy: After studying the consumer behavior at different times on different platforms we apply the relevant strategy to win the market based on emotional as well as logical parameters.

    Social Media Monitoring is our add-on service that privileges our clients to dive into the human psychology and complement their needs. We render you the full market space to grow multi-dimensionally and earn big revenues

    What Social Media strategy do you need?

    As a social media marketing company based in India, we work toward creating a holistic strategy for specific brands. Starting with engagement strategy to interactive content to creating influence, we take social media marketing as a science that needs an artist to execute it. Because when you merge technology with creativity with social behaviour, social media marketing happens. Also, we specifically work with brands so we understand the social media marketing landscape.  

    How does Social Media Marketing work?

    Social media marketing works in various manners – it all depends upon your social media/digital strategy. A social media marketing company studies the nature of business, requirements, TG, objectives and budget to create a compelling social media strategy. Based on business model and marketing objectives, content strategy is created. A brand could do well with a viral marketing campaign, applications to engage consumers, Facebook strategy or go the micro blogging way with Twitter. In truest essence, Social media marketing is boundless and boundaryless. Creativity is not restricted and still there is immense room for creating breakthrough campaigns.


    Why do you need Social Media Consultancy?

    When you put up your brand on social media, the first thing you need is a strategy. For companies of all sizes, small to large, need a customized strategy and roadmap so critical to their social media success. Social Media consultancy at any level – beginning, middle stage or matured – steers your social media campaign in the right direction. A social media consultant creates and audits your brand, creates a compelling brand strategy and empowers activities that can leverage your brand interaction to the top.

    What does our Social Media Expert do?

    A social media consultant would weigh many parameters before a final plan is delivered: brand target audience, social media feasibility, media buying budget, outreach measurement and content strategy. Social media consultant, upon devising the right strategy, creates a brand communication plan for various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus and more. It is important that the brand manager shares brand guidelines and other marketing strategies with the social media consultant to ensure that the brand gets maximum results.  

    Social Media platform summary

    Facebook : Lighthearted, informative platform that covers a wide demographic Twitter : Rapid fire news, information and witticisms in 140 characters (or less) Linkedin : The only platform for business professionals. Powerful networking and marketing tool for people serious about business Google+ : It might not be the most used platform but being a part of Google+ can provide huge benefits for organic SEOresults. Instagram : A uniquely visual publishing platform that can help businesses promote and market themselves in a creative way – see our feed below YouTube : Whilst not a traditional social network, YouTube moves a huge amount of web traffic and can be used to publish explainer videos, slideshows and video advertising Pinterest : For sharing images and blog content, Pinterest is the second most popular sharing site in the US. It might not have reached those heights in Australia but it’s a valid social tool nonetheless.  

    Why should you choose SEO Higher Ranking over many SMO Companies?

    We uses Google Analytics and other monitoring tools to find out just what your social media platforms are doing for you. We’ll offer full monthly reports as part of our SMO package and advise on how you can make the most of your existing social media.We can build you a blog in the industry favorite CMS Wordpress and even write search engine-optimized copy for you!Google simply love new content and it can really help improve customer loyalty. We will create professional  social communities profiles like facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Instagram and many more that in turn increase brand loyalty, visibility, popularity and in turn results in the increase in the profit scale. Our professional Social Media Services helps your business community to interact with others and share experiences.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

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