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Spanish is the second-biggest “European” language on the Internet, after English. According to Internet World Stats, over a fifty million Spanish-speaking people use the Internet, just a touch above the number of German-speaking people.

What is most astounding is that there is less than a 15% penetration rate of the Spanish population, compared to over 50% for the German population. What does this mean? Simply that Spanish is poised to grow a lot faster on the Internet than German and many other languages.

Spanish is the language of the future on the Internet, so make sure that Spanish search engine optimization is part of your SEO strategy.We brought our website monitoring client high up in the rankings for.

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Our Spanish SEO Strategy to achieve high ranking in Search Engine Results

We do the keyword in Spanish, so that we learn what terms Spanish-speaking audiences are actually using to find your products and services. This is NOT the same as translating English search terms, because searching patterns do not always translate directly.

Our Spanish link-building is second-to-none. In 2006, we upgraded our Spanish link-building capabilities. We combine our Spanish and English capabilities for maximum effect – that means better ROI for you!

When it comes to the Spanish on-page optimization, we understand the difference between a Spaniard audience (Spain) and a Latin American audience (US Hispanics, Mexicans, Argentineans) etc, and we can often provide localization services to better focus on your target market. It is important to respect and speak to the various Spanish markets not just in their “language”, but in their “culture”, too.

A few Spanish-speaking countries your business can target on the Internet:

USA Hispanic / Latino (over 35 million people)

Of course, we always use the same sound principles in Spanish that brings long-term success to our English clients’ websites, too.

If you want to start marketing to US Hispanics, Latin Americans and Spaniards, it is time to prepare your Spanish pages for the search engines. Contact us for a free quote. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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