Top 10 Best Free Resources for Learning SEO

How To Learn SEO for FREE : Top 10 Free SEO Resources and Guides

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important in Internet marketing. While some people prefer to take classes on this subject, it is not difficult to learn on your own. In fact, you can learn about search engine optimization by reading articles and e-books or watching video tutorials. A lot of experts on this subject matter offer learning materials online. Some are available for free while others require investment.


If you are interested in search engine optimization, you’ll find a plethora of SEO tips online. SEO can be used in a wide variety of applications, including blogging, social marketing, affiliate marketing, and article marketing among others. If you have a website and you want it to rank highly on the search engines, search engine optimization is essential. Targeting the right keywords goes a long way in helping your website rank high in the search engine results pages. As a newbie, you should seek as many resources as possible. You should look for guides, so you can properly implement search engine optimization on your blog or website.

17 Best Free Learning Resources for SEO

 Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

This is a document that has been put together to help the Google team as well as Webmasters who want to learn more about search engine optimization. This document covers the basics of search engine optimization, including creating page titles. This is a PDF document that contains large amounts of useful visuals and color coding for easy understanding.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide also gives instructions on how to properly utilize meta tags. In addition, it discusses search engine optimization for mobile sites as well as ways on how to optimize content, deal with crawlers, and improve website structure. This document will even give you pointers on how to identify fake websites from legit websites, so you can stay away from scam sites and other fraudulent sites.


 Google Webmaster Tools

Another excellent resource for beginners. This is a web service that provides tools to inspect your website’s search engine optimization. It provides explanations on search engine optimization, and how Google indexes and crawls the World Wide Web. Here you will learn more about search engine optimization. You can also find some examples of data related to search engine optimization, including what types of results you can expect and how long can you obtain them.


The SEO Guide to Getting Started with Google Webmaster Tools

This is a great guide on how to use Google Webmaster Tools. It is especially written to help people understand the key features of search engine optimization, and give them an insight on what they should expect once they sign up and begin using Webmaster tools.

 Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

It provides good information on search engine optimization. The explanations are simple, direct to the point, and easy to understand. It features 10 chapters that are filled with useful information on how search engines operate and how online users make use of search engines, SEO tools and services, and keywords and key phrases. It also gives information on how people measure and track success. If you want to save it on your e-book reader, you can download the PDF version.


 Search Engine’s Land Guide to SEO

It is an amazing guide that features nine chapters filled with useful and interesting information about a variety of topics. See to it that you read each page thoroughly if you want to learn about website architecture, HTML coding, social media, and link building among others. It is a detailed guide to SEO success factors.


The Advanced Guide to SEO

This guide is written by  Neil Patel. It goes deeper into search engine optimization. While it is ideal for advanced users, search engine optimization beginners can also use it as a guide, so they can have a greater understanding of search engine optimization. This guide features nine chapters that are filled with information and recommendations regarding the uses of search engine optimization.


The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites

It is a guide that is written by Joost de Valk. It aims to help readers learn more about WordPress and its available plugins for search engine optimization. Its nine chapters are basically about the aspects of search engine optimization for WordPress utilizing the Yoast SEO plugin.


 SEO Guide for Designers

It is a guide that is especially written for Web designers. Here, you will learn more about on-site search engine optimization. You will also learn about the responsibilities of Web designers. You may think that search engine optimization is not that important in Web designing, but actually it is. Search engine optimization is actually beneficial to various elements on the Internet. This is an older guide; however, the information is still useful today.


 The Art of SEO

This book was created by four renowned experts on search engine optimization, features guidelines as well as innovative techniques that will help readers execute and plan comprehensive search engine optimization strategies. The second edition, in particular, gives updates regarding the most recent changes in the behavior of search engines such as new ranking methods that involve social media and user engagement with an array of basic and advanced tactics that will be useful for the readers.


 SEO Warrior

It is available in PDF format, so you can save it on your e-book reader or print it out. This reading material will help you optimize your website so that online users will be able to find it more easily. It will also help you turn casual visitors into avid viewers. This way, you will be able to gain more active users and subscribers to your website.

SEO Warrior will also show you how tried and tested search engine optimization techniques are utilized. It will also give you pointers regarding the best hacks and practices. In addition, it will give you information about search engine optimization theories, the importance of keyword strategies, and tips on how to remedy and avoid search engine traps. You can use this electronic book as a tutorial or a reference guide.


The above mentioned resources are ideal for beginners, but they can also be used by intermediate users and experts on search engine optimization. You should keep in mind that even if you have already learned the basics of search engine optimization, you will only be able to master them if you continue to read, learn, and use them. You should refresh your mind all the time, so you will never forget the effective techniques and strategies related to search engine optimization.

These free SEO resources can serve as guidelines for people who want to help other people learn about search engine optimization. You can use these resources as references if you want to write your own guide or electronic book. You can include quotes as well as insights from these resources.

Experts on search engine optimization share tips and ideas with one another so that they can all grow and learn new things. You too can become an instrument to help other people learn about search engine optimization by using these resources as references and writing your own e-book. These 10 free SEO resources and Guides should have you well on your way to mastering search engine optimization.

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