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5 Seconds is all You have to Get Visitors to your Website

Your visitors not only will stay longer, but will also become your loyal customers through our custom web design services
  • Boosting your online conversions
  • A visually stunning and practical website for you business
  • Work collaboratively towards achieving your business objectives
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Your Website is Your Business Identity Online

If you want to leave a strong impression about your business among the website visitors online, then a website with enhanced functionality, easy to use characteristics and technologically proficient is an inevitable requirement.
  • Initial Consultation: You will interact with our staffs prior to defining the scope of the project and discovering the potential of the vision that you have in your mind. Thus our design team will get an insight in to what your expectations are and how you want to see your brand in the upcoming years.
  • Content Integration: Once any of the GUI has been approved by you, the next phase would be to work on your website with the content being supplied by you. However if there is no content from you, we have a team of professional copy writers who will create the best content for your website considering your business goals and objectives. We also include some additional requirements during this phase which ranges from jQuery animation to dropdown menus and interactive photo galleries etc. Finally, a completely functional demo will be delivered for you to verify.
  • Custom Web Design: The creative team of web designers employed by us will create atleast 2 to 3 graphic user interfaces which would be created from the inspiration of your logo, mission, colour palette, vision and the comments you mentioned to the creative team. You can then choose among the one which you like the most and if all the three choices are still unsatisfactory to you, we will work again on some more graphic user interfaces that would give you a brief overview of how your website design would look like upon completion.
  • Website Enhancements and Beta Testing: You will be working closely with our team especially while making improvements in the content layout as well as website structure. Extensive beta testing would be performed throughout this phase for ensuring the functionality has met with our high level of performance.

Building More Business Online for You

Your website being designed by us will be more than your expectations and much more than what you actually asked for. Thus we work towards building your business online through a wide range of resources.
E-commerce Website
Responsive Website Design
Mobile Website Design
Dynamic Website Design
Custom Website Design
Static Website Design

E-commerce Website Design

Are you thinking of running an online e-commerce store? Do you have an e-commerce website optimized for your customers? If you want to see increased sales of products within your online store, a user-friendly purchasing system that guides your customers smoothly through every transaction is what is required in your website and we do it right for you with the end results sure to exceed your expectations. Leading e-commerce technology is used for creating compelling online e-commerce website for you that is highly competitive in the ever growing internet market.

Responsive Website Design

Do you want to restrict your website only to desktop users at a time when the number of mobile phones users is outnumbering desktop users when it comes to using internet? Why need separate website design for mobile and desktop computers when a responsive web design is all that you need for providing simultaneous experience to mobile phones users, tablet computer users and desktop users. Your website would become more profitable through responsive web design that adjusts your website’s screen appearance according to the devices being used without compromising the design quality and website navigation features.

Mobile Website Design

User-friendly mobile designed websites are also becoming popular nowadays as more users are now looking to browse websites online through their mobile phones especially if there is no mobile application for them to download for the information they are looking for. Mobile designed websites would be designed as per your requirements so as to display the most relevant information in the best possible way on devices you think your customers are more likely to make use of. There are still several websites that does not have a mobile-designed website created yet and if you are one among them, get yourself a highly unique and efficient mobile website for your business.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic web design services are suitable for businesses that are prone to frequent changes with respect to time as well as for those running online stores and want to include the new products within the website in real-time. The website is search engine friendly that will help enhance the search rankings of your website. Products or services offered by you could be accessed in different formats depending up on the user preferences making dynamic websites data-driven websites.

Custom Website Design

Are you looking for a custom web design? Why not work together with us to discover a unique website design that satisfies your vision and goals. Get an insight in to how your dreams can become a reality with our custom web design services.

Static Website Design

Looking to create a simple looking website with easy navigation and low cost? Try our services and get an eminent static website design in a short period of time. Most companies prefer static website design over the typical design due to its effectiveness and affordability. It is highly recommend for start up businesses as it is quite simple and quick to operate. Static web design refers to a collection of web pages in sequence, which is programmed in HTML format. The web design contains simple graphics and texts linked to other pages. If you wish to upgrade something, it can easily be done through HTML coding. Customers will enjoy a smooth browsing, quick navigation and easy media downloads on static websites.

Project the Best in You with Unique and Custom Website Design

Your website is going to be the online face of your company and the value of your website could either enhance the website traffic or can drive the traffic away from your website. Why a website visitor has to trust in your business and make a purchase if they think your website does not have what they look for due to a poorly designed website? The design of your website is definitely going to reflect on your business and it is an area that none can ignore! Your business goals and objectives could not be fulfilled unless and until you give enhanced focus in investing on a superior website design for your business. And yes, we can help you have a superior website design.

24 x 7 Support

You will get assistance anytime from our maintenance and support team if you find any issues in the website designed by us.

Increase in Sales

Enjoy more sales for your products or services by offering more exposure among the customers through a superior and unique website design that is catchy and informative.

SEO-friendly Web Design

Your website will feature creative design aspects in addition to SEO characteristics that makes it search engine friendly. 

Reliable Company

Beginning from the project planning till its implementation, we will be right there to help you design the most desirable website design for your business.


The content would be managed efficiently so as to fit perfectly in your website and thereby help your customers to read the content easily and make their purchase decision instantly.

Comfort for Browsing

Whenever website visitors approach your website, the ease of navigation being offered for them determines how far your website design has been successful.

Specialized Domains for which you can choose us

Whether it is about brand design, landing page design, website redesign or user interface, you will get the best end results on these specialized domains with our team of web design experts. Get to know how we do it.
  • Brand Design: All the essential requirements would be gathered from you before we create a comprehensive brand identity for your business. So what the requirements would typically be? It could be creating a logo as per your expectations; implementing any changes as per the placement and usage or it can be about including some complex colour combinations for maintaining image formats that are consistent and thereby incorporate graphical elements such as background texture accurately.
  • Website Redesign: Redesigning website with respect to time has become important for brands to stay competitive in the global market and changing technologies. Website redesign helps improve the traffic of your website and thereby increasing the website revenue, enhancing visual appeal of the website, providing easier navigation and implementing a search-engine friendly design for your website.
  • Landing Page Design: You will be able to focus on the right audience with the most desirable landing page that would be comprised of a simpler and well-designed user-interface. The colour, headlines, copy, grammar, placement, content, images, links and call-to-action buttons would be designed as per your requirements so as to provide the best landing page experience for your website visitors.
  • User Interface: Your website should offer enhanced user experience for your customers if you intend to turn website visitors in to sales leads. Your website would be optimized according to your preferences and according to interests of the target audience. At SEO Higher Ranking, our web design experts implement clear call to action along with consistent navigation and readability.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please also call us or email us before visiting to make sure that you will be served with our best services.

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